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wooden jewelry boxes for women - an unforgettable valentine\'s day gift

by:Merryshine     2019-10-28
If you want to express your love to someone and you are really serious, then you should get a gift that lasts a long time.
The wooden jewelry box is a \"lifetime\" purchase that makes as much sense as the jewelry placed in the box.
There are guidelines for this article to help you choose a wooden jewelry box that suits your loved one.
There are three basic factors to consider when you start searching.
First, learn about the size of your gift recipient\'s jewelry collection.
If she has a very large and varied collection then you will want a larger box with the right ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant and other jewelry storage area.
The next two factorsin-
This is the personal style and room decoration of your lover.
From traditional to modern, there are all kinds of colors for jewelry boxes, treasure chests and armoires.
To let you know the possibilities, let\'s take a look at some of the popular styles.
Reid and Barton\'s \"Rich Man\" is a classic vintage heir mahogany jewelry box, handmade in timeless design, including earrings, bracelets, and necklace storage.
It has four separate jewelry compartments on top with three generous ring rolls inside.
Then there is a drawer divided into 35 earrings compartments.
The drawers at the bottom are separate and can accommodate bracelets and pins.
The lid has a necklace hook with a shirt pocket.
This box can handle a wide variety of jewelry collections and looks elegant.
It lists the price of $260, but with some smart shopping you can get it for around $200.
A completely different look can be found in the White jewelry wardrobe --
A separate piece of furniture
Drawer inspired by Queen Anne, plus a mirror lid, inner-lined jewelry storage and aged white finish, this is a jewelry wardrobe that can store all types of jewelry, A blend of traditional and retro decor.
It features a lift cover with a mirror, with a split section with ring storage on the top, with three large hooks and six sliding drawers on each side.
It lists $450, but with a special offer you can get it for less than $300.
The great jewelry box not only lasts the life of the first user, but it is often passed down generation after generation.
The transmission from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter is the real transmission of heir.
The Chuan heir jewelry box is crafted in a wide variety of wood, including ash, popular, mahogany, maple or teak, or with rare wood veneers (such as burlwood ebony or sapeli.
Speaking of woods, let\'s consider the different finishes on the most popular jewelry box.
Cherries are a popular finish, and many of the boxes are made of other hard wood, followed by a cherry finish.
Mahogany is another kind of wood finish with a reddish brown color.
This dark wood has a channel texture with no sound and pockets.
If you polish the wood, you will get a beautiful red gloss over time.
Another popular finished product is walnut.
The walnut boxes are rich in brown color, and they are integrated in the traditional decoration style.
As with cherries, it is very rare to find a sturdy walnut jewelry box, most of which will be built with hardwood floors and painted with walnut finishes.
If what you want is a modern style look, then a wooden jewelry box made of espresso coffee will blend in with the modern decor.
Consider all of these factors and then choose a jewelry box that will be valued in the coming years.
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