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What about the minimum order quantity of chime ball necklace in Merryshine?
It is quite common to have a minimum order quantity of chime ball necklace. At Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd, we also set an MOQ for our customers. Based on the industry practice and our manufacturing experience, the value of MOQ is set to satisfy our profit objectives. If customers want to have more information about MOQ requirements, please check out our official website or contact us directly through email, phone, or WeChat. For cases that customers place a large order, we will provide a lower MOQ. It can be negotiable.
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Merryshine is the perfect choice for world-renowned sterling silver jewelry sets brands. Merryshine's CREMATION JEWELRY series include multiple types. The product provides the desired stability. Its heel support/heel cup is soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement. Made of sterling silver that is known to be very hard, it is built to last. The product can be a design solution for smaller bathrooms, but it also works perfectly in larger spaces, depending on the customers' spaces. Featuring great elegance and fashion, the product is designed to keep up with the latest trend in jewelry circles.

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