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What about CFR/CNF of personalized jewelry ?
The CFR provided by Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd is more favorable than other companies. We are responsible for arranging the transportation of the jewelry to the port of destination and providing customers with basic documents for obtaining products from suppliers. By working with the most reliable freight forwarders and deciding on the best way to transport, we can save you as much as possible.

Merryshine. is far ahead of the industry. We are a manufacturer which mainly focuses on developing, producing, and supplying charm necklace. The 100 languages necklace series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Merryshine charm necklace is made by high-performance and durable components and parts. These include pumps, compressors, generators, and other welding and soldering parts. It has been finely polished to achieve a glossy surface. Made from high-quality materials, silver chime ball necklace has strong corrosion resistance, low contact resistance with active materials, good deep discharge performance and good charge acceptance. It is a durable and superior product that is widely favored by customers.

Merryshine aims to make our products and services a great success. Welcome to visit our factory!
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