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tips to maintain your sterling silver jewelery - jewelry

by:Merryshine     2019-10-29
Sterling silver jewelry is usually a popular choice for men and women.For centuries, exquisite necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings have attracted people around the world.Unfortunately, according to Novica\'s connection with National Geographic magazine, it becomes more susceptible to discoloration and corrosion as silver purity decreases.
This is an alloy consisting of 7.
5% of other metals such as copper.
Thankfully, with proper care, your sterling silver can easily be unglossy, corroded and damaged.Regular polishing.Everyone loves the newly polished silver color, however, polishing this type of jewelry is more than just for display.When you wear it, the dirt and contaminants in the environment will start to stain it over time.
Be sure to gently polish each piece regularly with a soft micro-fiber cloth.If you stick to the polishing procedure, it\'s easy to keep this delicate piece glowing.Pay attention to your activities when wearing sterling silver.
Although your jewelry is dazzling and charming, one of the easiest ways to damage it is to overuse it.Rings and bracelets are particularly vulnerable because your hands are in constant contact.Everything from sweat and soap to sunlight and chemicals will make your jewelry corroded or lose its luster.
Store correctly.
Unfortunately, it can be harmful to show it on a jewelry box or bathroom cabinet stage.Exposure to the air will make these pieces shine.To provide the best storage conditions for your sterling silver, place the pieces in separate air-Lock with defenseBlack silicone bag.
Then pack your items in a durable and organized jewelry box so that they can avoid scratches on other items.Keeping it dry.While pure water will not damage it, other liquids may have a negative effect on the metal.Avoid wearing silver jewelry when taking a shower or swimming.
The harsh chemicals found in these liquids may contain chlorine, sulfur, or other contaminants that will make your jewelry dim or lose luster.If Sterling Silver gets wet, be sure to dry it.Follow these tips and your silver ornaments will shine.
Although the polished gloss of sterling silver jewelry is a popular option, this silver color is easily stained with water, air and everyday wear.Careful storage, polishing, drying and handling of sterling silver can help you avoid gloss and corrosion and make your silver look beautiful over the years
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