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Thrift Store Find - Jewelry Box Makeover

by:Merryshine     2019-10-24
I bought an old wooden jewelry box at Goodwill a few days ago.I \'ve been wanting one for a while, but I don\'t want to buy a brand new one.What I want is something that has been used and is in good condition.Something I can renovate myself, this one is perfect.I\'m glad I found it!This is a nice size with a large drawer at the bottom and two small drawers at the top.I noticed when I got home that it had two revolving doors installed last time, and the two smaller drawers at the top used to be behind a cabinet and are now missing.It\'s barely noticeable though, and I know what I can do with it.It is in very good condition and there is no damage except some small scratches here and there.In fact, I don\'t mind small scratches and flaws because I know that small flaws add charm and character as I look.One of the main reasons I like it is that the lining in the drawer is bright pink (I like it!) And full wit.I can\'t wait to start doing this!


Step One -
The first thing I usually do when renovating a jewelry box is to remove all the hardware, so I removed some small brass colored brackets and some metal pieces left from the missing cabinet.I really don\'t like the drawer pull units, but the way they are installed makes me feel like I have to damage the lining to remove them and the lining I am in such an original state and I don\'t want to risk destroying it, so I decided to leave them and do my best to Polish and paint around them.
When I was painting, I kept thinking about how much I didn\'t like the drawers.They are just monotonous and dated and I have been thinking about all the other styles that look great.

Love one of the most important details on the jewelry box.So this is really not a real transformation!I put on the hat of thinking and started working.
The challenge is to pull the drawer open without breaking the lining.So I took an X-Acto knife and a pair of needle and nose pliers carefully separate the pink-covered cardboard lining from the wood.As I looked inside, I noticed a fragile Brad on the drawer of the drawer, so I carefully pulled each brads out with pliers.I made this with each drawer and then put a lot of E6000 glue between the covered cardboard lining and the wood.Then, when the glue dried overnight, I fixed the lining tightly to the wood with my clothes clip.It works like a charm and the lining still looks great!
After that, I put some polymer clay on the top two drawers where the hardware is located to fill the holes and fill them well.In addition, the bottom drawer has two holes directly above it, and hardware is installed for the missing cabinet.I still need to overwrite them, but I decided to wait for the last fix.
Step Two -
After removing the hardware, it\'s time to polish it.Even if I do it backwards, I will still list the steps in order.I polished the whole outside and the surface of each drawer and the whole jewelry box itself.I use fine sand and sand paper with heavy sand.The surface of the wood is very, very smooth and actually hard to Polish, but I managed to polish it enough.Once I \'ve polished all the pieces, I\'ll be sure to remove all the loose dust from the jewelry box.
Step Four -
The next thing to do is paint.The picture that came to my mind was a silver jewelry box.Recently I have seen a lot of refurbished wooden furniture painted silver and it looks great so this is the look I want.I started painting it in silver, but it was a bit pure when I only applied the silver acrylic paint, so I decided to paint it in black first.I draw it in black instead of white because I want the base color to be more dark gray than light.I put two layers of black paint on all the pieces.I polish it again once it\'s a solid black color, but just a little bit.It was a very light polish.Some places I use more pressure and some are just very light sand.
This is when I took it off the hardware..I\'m glad I changed my mind and even though I had to backtrack it turned out to be a good choice.Of course, I have to re-Sand and paint show up again but just a little bit and then I\'m back on track again.When the jewelry box was completely painted the way I wanted it, I checked it carefully with a few Krylon clear coats to seal and protect the painted finish.
Step Five -
Now that the jewelry box has been painted and sealed, it\'s time to install the super cute knob I purchased on Ebay.

what I found!At first I was nervous and thought the knobs might be too big to look out of proportion, but I couldn\'t find anything much smaller than that, so I decided to go with them.
The knob is easy to install.I drilled the hole so I can install the knob, but I do have a small problem.They are made for cabinets or drawers half inch to inch thick, and the wood I installed them is only about a quarter of an hour thick, so I had to use Dremel to cut the length of the screws a bit.The knobs are firmly mounted when they are done, and I think they look great!
Step Six -
The last challenge is painting and hardware!The original hardware under the second drawer left two holes after it was removed (see photo) and I need to find a way to hide them.I decided that after everything else was done I would stick to a row of crystals with glue so they could hide the holes.However, I realized that in order to do this, I had to cover the hole with paper first, then the hole with paint, and then the crystal with glue.I decided to cover both holes with an old white embossed wallpaper that I have kept for years.I cut it into a band number 1.75 in X 10 inch, Mod Podge was applied on the back and completely covered the entire platform under the second drawer.Then I drew a black coat, then a silver glaze and a viola, no more holes!I think it\'s beautiful!
The jewelry box ended up not having the perfect smooth surface like some of the other silver wooden furniture I \'ve seen.I decided to get the imperfect place to work for me and paint it into a shabby chic look.I deliberately created some brush lines here and there with a hard brush.At first I thought it might look cheesy but actually I was very happy with the finished product!
Thank you so much for coming to read my jewelry box makeover center!
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