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the one accessory both amal clooney and kate middleton wear on repeat

by:Merryshine     2019-11-06
While we encourage experiments and try new trends, there is a signature style that is worth mentioning.
Kate Middleton and Amale Clooney, for example, like what they like.
The royal family is known for re-wearing her favorite outfit and polished clothes or coats.
Human rights lawyers are a bit adventurous in clothing, but she tends to be red and likes to go with suits.
Both women have the same experience.
Accessories: earrings.
Recalling Middleton and Clooney\'s most iconic look, we found that they wore this special earring in repeat.
They may change a particular pair, they may become smaller or choose to make a statement, but they prefer to drop on simple studs or trendy iron rings.
We don\'t know why.
Maybe they think the earrings are more classic and elegant.
But it\'s worth a look at how they designed it, because you might have a pair of your own hidden in the jewelry box.
Kate Middleton often wears earrings.
Amale Clooney is also a big fan of this trend.
It is well known that members of the Royal family use this earring to complete her classic styling.
Clooney often goes to work wearing her earrings. Kate\'s go-
Tos is a smaller, simpler option.
For Amal, it either gets bigger or goes home.
At the royal wedding, earrings even appeared.
The human rights lawyer also wore a pair on her wedding weekend.
Sometimes the Duchess uses this accessory to add color to the neutral look.
Amal tried this trick too!
Both women, however, prove that your monochrome look will not go wrong.
Like Amal, we like color themes.
No matter what Middleton wears, her earrings add something extra.
Amal\'s collection is full of statementsmaking pieces.
Like her shoes and coat, Kate also has some favorite earrings like this one from Mappin & Webb.
Amal tends to change it and sometimes wear smaller earrings instead of larger ones.
Of course, the earrings are the perfect choice for formal occasions.
Both ladies have proved how versatile piece is!
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