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style q & amp; a: olivia kim talks nordstrom space

by:Merryshine     2019-12-17
Olivia King is no stranger to cool new designers. As the vice-
President of Nordstrom creative project, she is often surrounded by notable collections and latest worksand-coming talent.
She also knows that most shoppers are not so lucky.
That\'s why she created this space in Nordstrom.
\"SPACE is a shop dedicated to the new and senior designer series,\" Kim explained . \".
\"We have clothing, accessories, jewelry and household items from emerging brands such as Molly Goddard, Simon Rocha, vites and Eli, in addition to some brands that have been established for a while but have limited distribution, such as Comme des garonsand Undercover.
Kim took a break from her.
Chat with designer Newsaboutyoung in post-media and why shoppers today like to learn about new brands. Q.
What is the difference between space products and other products of Nordstrom? A.
Some collections are not on the floor where you can put them on a shelf, but they need and should have a well thought out and curated environment to help present them in the right way.
Because it\'s more of an experience boutique, everything from clothing and accessories to art and furniture is really taken into account in the space.
Now in our eight largest stores.
Including Vancouver.
We also have a full store online with content about the brand that can really tell the story of our designers, so our customers can come and read and understand this, maybe less
The fashion side. Q.
What is the goal of space? A.
Our goal is that space can be a place of inspiration and education and introduce our customers to the incredible brands we are seeing. Q.
What is the lab? A.
The lab is a new project in space and an incubator that recognizes and supports new designers.
After watching all the shows last season, we had some designers and we liked them and thought they were very notable, but I\'m not sure if they fit into space.
Almost some brands are so young and so fresh that they are redefining what emerging brands mean to us.
Their business is not as mature as some of our other designers, but I can\'t let go of something on them.
So we lowered it to a level and built a support system to bring in real new designers. Q.
What does being able to support young designers mean to you? A.
I like the idea that we can continue to be a platform to support young designers who will grow bigger at their incubator stage and then grow into a viable business.
The concept is that it will rotate in each season with a new set of designers we can present and introduce to our customers. Q.
Why is it important for you to offer new exciting brands on such a large retail floor? A.
As retailers, we must constantly develop and improve and give customers what they want when they need it.
My job is really to take the best things we see, the brands we love and get excited about.
We saw everything.
We make appointments in fashion shows, markets and showrooms, retail stores, supermarkets, pet stores, libraries, you can say that --
Then we take it back and spread it in a fun and digestible way.
It brings excitement and sometimes some confusion.
We want customers to come back every month looking for something brand new and being introduced to the best things we see and some of the coolest brands. Q.
You picked some amazing brands for the recent launch
Ekhouse Lata, Vejas, Eriksson Rosburg,. W. A. K. E.
How did you choose a designer? A.
I think it\'s an intuition, you know.
I\'m not looking for a specific or specific look.
I want to represent different aesthetics for the top five designers, so we will have something.
This is about finding five truly emerging brands with different audiences and different messages about what they are doing.
When I think of these five people, each of them is very different, and the common clue is that they are doing what they love very much.
Every designer has a very interesting and honest authenticity.
It\'s about beautiful clothes, but it has to be more than that for me --
It is a complete package that is so important and so meaningful.
The \"why\" of what they are doing \". Q.
Do you find it easier for shoppers today to embrace upcoming brands? If so, why? A.
Our customers are very curious. they are very curious. they like fashion.
The Internet makes the world very small, fashion so accessible, so we know our customers are watching the show and we will see the clothes once the model walks off the runway.
They are reading what Vetements do in Seoul, or Simone Rocha\'s new store in New York.
They follow and aspire to the coolest, latest brands. Q.
What inspired you? A.
My friend, my family, French bulldog, Sir David Attenborough, weather, quinoa pancakes, fruit salad, Biarritz, outer space, duck
Platypus, dinosaurs, Petra Collins and grocery stores. Q.
From a fashion point of view, what are you most excited about the upcoming season? A.
Recently, I have been thinking about simple concepts and putting things down to basic things.
Simple, beautiful, classic, very good-made.
Everything seems to have such a big problem right now, maybe it\'s just the way the world is right now, but I \'ve always been drawn to those good works and collections --
Well made, thoughtful, not so picky. Q.
What is the next step in space?
Is there a plan to expand the designer\'s choice every season?
Or extend the concept of space to more stores? A. We hope.
So far the customer has responded very well and we want to continue to develop the space and our concept.
Now, we are still on the Paris market looking for the next designers for the fall lab.
Otherwise, we will develop a special capsule series for May, which will be everything you need in the summer and ready to introduce more new names and incredible collections, which we are excited about
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