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storing antique & vintage earrings

by:Merryshine     2019-11-07
Vintage earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from vintage earrings with chandeliers to small earrings.
One of the problems that arise for many ladies is how to organize and store all the jewelry so that it can be protected and convenient when they want it.
Important factors to consider for precious jewelry, especially antique or vintage earrings, they are more refined and easier to wear contemporary jewelry.
Should it be a priority to care about these items?
Keeping this in mind, it is very important to store your work under certain quality conditions.
Metals and even valuable gems tend to deteriorate due to light, moisture, and oscillation temperatures, so it is important to store high-quality items that will take this into account.
One answer is to always put your items in a jewelry box lined with breathable materials such as cotton.
These jewelry boxes are then placed in a ventilated place because the temperature is stable and moderate.
While it may be attractive to keep showing all your gorgeous vintage or antique earrings, they can be affected by light and temperature, which can damage all earrings, not to mention all the dust and dust that may have accumulated on them if they are not stored.
Instead, the goal is to do what is actually the best for your most precious antique earrings and keep them away from harmful factors.
For a more convenient option than mentioned above, save a jewelry box in a simple and easy to use place with your items well organized.
This means that you can receive your earrings in a flash and they will always be taken care of when they are stored.
Other less precious earrings can be stored in a number of ways, such as on certain hangers and even on the display.
Clothing jewelry usually costs less and can be replaced compared to precious gems and metals, which means you should feel more relaxed about the damage they may have, as you have been showing.
In addition
Gems or metals can even resist high temperatures, humidity, and sunlight, so you don\'t have to worry about the impact these elements will have.
Display cabinets and cabinets are usually very good for chandeliers and earrings as this prevents them from being caught and hangs them up-right position.
In addition to keeping the earrings in good condition and good tissue, these can visualize your earrings well.
In fact, organization is a huge advantage at this point because you can choose to hang your style based on color, proportions, patterns and more.
Another option is a small bookcase or a drawer design case that allows you to put earrings on top, separate them and organize them to different levels.
This is also a great choice for chandeliers and earrings, basically any earrings that require considerable space.
Earrings usually take up a lot less storage, but problems arise just because they are small and easy to lose.
As before, try to maintain antique and antique earrings in cool, dry, dark and airy spaces.
Once again, it is emphasized that the studs nails of clothing jewelry generally do not need such high attention.
Studs can sometimes be stored on attached cards or even in ice cube trays, which helps to add a small tissue to these items and helps to keep them separate.
These items are separate and each item has a convenient storage location. This means that you are unlikely to misplace a pair or spend hours trying to find a set of matches that will suit your special occasion.
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