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sterling silver: a stunning addition to your jewelry box

by:Merryshine     2019-10-29
Sterling silver is actually a rising trend among jewelry lovers because it is more valuable than other metals.One reason is that gold and platinum are cheaper than other precious metals.Currently, there is a wide range of sterling silver, including the level of knowledge, in order to decide the right style for you personally and make it look great.
How do I clean sterling silver jewelry?That depends.The best way to clean sterling silver jewelry is to use jewelry cloth.Rubbing sterling silver with paper towels or other tough surfaces will scratch the surface and make the gloss dull.
Silver-Dip is another common sterling silver jewelry cleaner that can also be purchased from a jewelry store.All you need to do is put your jewelry in the dipping sauce for about 25 seconds to a minute and wash it off with water.Before using silver jewelry, please make sure the silver jewelry is not plated with any other metalDip or plating will be destroyed.
Keeping sterling silver jewelry in a good place is essential, otherwise, if placed improperly, it will lose its luster in addition to becoming some kind of yellow.The jewelry must be placed in a place that is colder and away from the sun.If you want to not wear something for a while, put it in the air --Also put it in the drawer.
Sterling silver is actually quite unstable compared to gold and platinum, and oxide is quite fast.Therefore, silver jewelry is usually plated with another metal to prevent discoloration.There are two types of plating for silver jewelry design: nickel and tin-plated aluminum.
Platinum and Platinum jewelry uses Rhodium, which is also a bit urgent-Compared with nickel, it is more expensive and provides better protection for the silver below.However, some silver jewelry is not plated.In addition, the \"silver oxide\" Jewelry is oxidized to deliberately give dark old jewelryStylish in appearance, not plated with any other metal.
Purity of sterling silver refers to 92.
5% silver in the alloy.
The laboratory can test the purity of the metal to help you guarantee that the metal is real.Nevertheless, almost all pure silver beads now designed carry \"925\" stamps to illustrate the authenticity of the jewelry.The engraving and adjustment of the sterling silver ring is very easy because of its extensibility and relatively low melting point.
However, it is necessary for your jeweler to know the right way to patch and to have the right equipment.Not all jewellers have specific products to re-process tin-plated aluminum when cutting and welding rings.Also, rings with gems are sometimes unable to resize, mainly because resizing can cause gems to pop up.
These settings include channels and invisible settings
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