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start collecting: vintage weiss costume jewelry

by:Merryshine     2019-10-26
Weiss jewelry is less known than more Coro or Trifari and is a good choice for a fledgling collector.From rhinestones to enamel to plastic, Weiss has been operating from 1942 to 1971, making them truly vintage pieces.Albert Weiss contracted with designers and manufacturers to produce designs with the name Wes.
Note, however, that some new copies of the Weiss jewelry can be found.Usually, the newer part is pasted in, not the prong-Set with rhinestones, small and new-Looks, smooth platingPoor quality backing.If you are interested in Wes jewelry sold online, be sure to ask the seller whether this jewelry is an antique or a duplicate.
Do a search and take a look at the vintage and reproduced Wes pieces and learn about the differences.Wes is known for its floral, fruit and character designs, as well as geometric, Art Deco necklaces, bracelets, pins and earrings.Very high workmanship and quality.In the 1950 s, Weiss creatively used Swarovski\'s Northern Lights rhinestones.
The classic Weiss design features smoky quartz rhinestones with paving rings or icing sugar.The smoked quartz stone, also known as the \"black diamond appearance\", was created in imitation of the German smoked quartz stone.The Weiss butterfly pins are especially worthy of collection, and some of them have wings mounted on small springs that float them.
Another popular Weiss collection is a Christmas tree pin, which is a huge investment for people who have just started collecting.At present, the price of Christmas decorative pins is much lower than that of Christmas tree pins.Using high-quality Austrian rhinestones, Weiss jewelry features a classic, timeless design that matches the fashion of modern wardrobes and years.
Several marks or \"signatures\" are used on the Weiss jewelry \".WEISS with a hat on it, dated 1942.Other marks for 1940 s and 1950 s include \"Albert Weiss\" in the script, Wes in the script, \"Wes\" in capital letters with copyright symbols, and \"Wes\" in the script\"©Said debris made after 1955.Some pieces of Weiss may not be marked, which will reduce the value.
Some are sold to department stores, which sell them in boxes with store names.Weys has produced many types of jewelry.3-piece set, earrings & earrings set, necklace & bracelet setSet of pins, earrings and bracelets, matching necklaces and earrings, any suit, if complete, will add value, more than a single item.If you are lucky enough to find the original box, you will get a real treasure.
Smooth reflective metal on the back of some vintage Wes brooch.They should go well.The replica may have a smooth back, but the quality will not be as good as an antique.As usual, when considering buying vintage jewelry, you should make sure that the jewelry is in good condition.
If you buy it for yourself, not for investment, you can be more flexible about the conditions, but the better the conditions, and of course the higher the value.Is that the one signed?Is it well designed?And, do you like it?If you\'re buying for investment, your personal taste doesn\'t matter, but if you\'re buying for yourself, buy something you like so you\'re encouraged to wear it regularly.Wes clothing jewelry is underrated by collectors, but this seems to be changing as prices rise.
If you are lucky enough to find a vintage Wes piece of jewelry and are in good condition, you will get a high quality collection
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