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spring brings increased sales on trendy accessories and fashion jewelry

by:Merryshine     2019-12-21
Retail shopping-2009: splurge a little while you\'re shopping and share a piece of chocolate.
With the arrival of the spring of 2009, there is hope that the economic clouds of winter have passed.
Shoppers Hold on to their wallets but are still eager to \"feel good\" shopping.
To do this within the budget, items with lower price tags, especially those under $20, seem to be the best.
Whether it\'s a new lipstick tone, a shiny lip gloss, or a stylish jewelry for the peace sign;
Women and teenagers are looking for something that makes them feel good.
As retailers quickly incorporate this hot category into their stores, wholesale sales of fashion jewelry are experiencing a sales boom.
The time has passed for $250 to buy a new designer jeans;
Or $300 brand label handbag.
Now, every dollar has to think about something, the purchase has to be generic, there are some \"wow\" factors, but it is suitable for days when it is quite tight and sometimes the budget is too tight.
Sales of accessories increased significantly.
From new belts, bracelets or a pair of earrings, shoppers want to highlight their wardrobe.
Add a little color and tie to the bright shades of spring.
Accessories must be able to accommodate several different garments;
For example, a crystal peace sign necklace worn on a shirt in the office;
This is also possible to wear low collar at night.
Commodities that reflect the nature of the recession, such as cosmetics at reasonable pricesg.
Lip gloss is also doing very well.
According to MAC makeup, their lipstick sales earned less than $18.
Other companies like JC Penny have also seen a growth in value-driven parts sales.
Recently, Andrew Beauchamp, a commodity sales consultant, commented at a professional retail professional seminar that \"retail industry expects accessories sales to grow in the next five quarters \".
Taking into account this anticipated sales growth, companies dealing with popular trend goods such as peace signs, color changing mood jewelry and crystal fashion glitz are experiencing strong growth in their wholesale fashion jewelry range. Mr.
Beauchamp went on to point out how big companies are frantically trying to incorporate these moderately priced fashion trends into their stores, taking the Banana Republic as an example, the company is looking to open a value-driven chain of accessories concept stores.
Marc St.
Pierre from cool jewelry®Phillips International, a fashion jewelry wholesale company founded in 1976, said this: \"We are in a recession.
As we have experienced in the past challenging times since 1970s, recession requires value from projects.
The retailer\'s customers are more selective, especially for goods priced at $10 or more than $15.
They want something that makes them feel good but doesn\'t cost much \". Mr. St.
Pierre\'s comments further demonstrate the current rise and strong sales of sweets and chocolates.
For a relatively low price, a quick purchase allows shoppers to take a break and indulge;
Feeling much better.
Just a few minutes.
So when retailers rush, renew their inventory and attract our newly defined sense of thrift, let\'s embrace this promising 2009 spring.
Rejoice in bright colors and new trends in fashion accessories.
Enjoy a new color lip gloss that sparkles when our splurge remains below $20.
Be sure to take the time to share one or two chocolates with a friend;
We do realize that we still have a lot to thank.
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