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Something Old (Bridal Wear) Meets the New (3-D Printing)

by:Merryshine     2019-11-05
It\'s just a coincidence, 3-
D. print design exhibition at Jacob K. on Thursday
The Javits Convention Center in New York should coincide with the start of the New York International Bridal Week, where the week\'s fashion show will take place on Pier 92 and 94 and on the Hudson River tour elsewhere in the city.
But, just like the vector encounter on the map, these two events are newly high
Technology design and manufacturing technology is emerging in the bride industry and elsewhere in the fashion industry.
What bride does not want a wedding dress that not only fits but is unique to her?
Many designers and companies are trying to do so in 3-
D printer, which can be programmed to combine layers of material into one-of-a-
Physical objects or clothes.
Just last month, Chinese manufacturer Xuberance and 3-
D. printed wedding dress launched at TCT exhibition in Shanghai.
In these two performances in New York, Xu boance is not expected.
Nevertheless, create 3-
D. printed clothing and accessories will be presented at the fashion show on Thursday night, which will be at the heart of the print design event.
Melinda Lu, whose work will be on display, has a bridal line at her Malaysian fashion company;
Bradley Rosenberg, New York, designed for Victoria\'s secrets;
There is also the Czech designer Denisa Nova. Custom-
Many suppliers at Javits Center are clearly looking at printing wedding dresses, as well as accessories such as headwear, floral headscarves and custom jewelry.
\"We want to show a different look than the designer,\" said Natacha Alpert . \"
D. curator of the exhibition“I see 3-
Provide brides and consumers with printing related to the wedding fashion industry.
The main reason is customization.
\"Melinda Loy does wedding dresses and she does a lot of collection of wedding dresses,\" she said . \". “Her 3-D-
The printed wedding dress is not designed as a wedding dress, but it can be very easy when you see it.
It\'s all white and it\'s all white. length gown.
Jessica rosenclantz, founder and creative director of nervous system, 3-
Boston D design said she agreed that the customization was 3-D design.
\"As far as the wedding dress is concerned, I think in some ways
\"Printing makes a lot of sense because it\'s about making something completely customized,\" she said . \" \"Usually there is a way to get customers involved in the design process more than you do. ”Ms.
Rosenclantz and her colleagues
Designer Jesse Louis
Rosenberg created a prototype called \"sportswear\", part of the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. While Ms.
Rosenkrantz says she doesn\'t want to see anyone walking down the aisle in this particular creation, and it does show the possibility of a fully custom dress.
\"You might go to a wedding salon where you can pick one out of thousands of different outfits, but you can\'t get it
She designed it with the designer . \"With 3-
D. printing design, designers and customers can \"enter the parameters of how the garment should work\", Ms.
Says rosenclantz.
\"You can go in and adjust the skirt, shoulders and everything, and also make it 100% fit,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a higher level customization.
But what is the price?
\"People sometimes spend $5,000 to $20,000 on a dress at a wedding, so it\'s a bit suitable for 3-
\"The price range for printing,\" she said . \".
\"Because the price of 3-
D printing is so high that I imagine it\'s near-
The word \"future\" refers to things like wedding dresses that are already very expensive and customized. ”Despite Mr.
Rosenberg\'s secret for Victoria and 3-
The printed sportswear he showed at the Javits Center, he said he didn\'t think he could call himself a fashion designer yet.
Not long ago, Sir.
The 30-year-old Rothenberg is a trained architect who designs bridges in Korea and urban parks in Amsterdam.
\"Tech people think they can do fashion, and fashion people think they can do technology,\" he said . \".
\"This is a collaboration between two places where magic happens.
\"As for this week\'s show, he admits that neither his sportswear nor some of the other items being displayed can be classified as fashion that most people think.
In fact, most of the pioneers of craft are not fashion designers at all, he said, they are architects, project designers and young technical designers.
Smart entrepreneurs to start a businessup background.
\"These people do 3-
\"D printing has no fashion background, so they deal with it purely from a technical point of view,\" he said . \".
\"This is more about showing the capabilities of the technology.
We want to show flexibility and flexibility.
I think this is the prototype of sportswear.
It is far from commercial. ”Already, 3-
D. at the fashion show from London to St. , printed jewelry, sunglasses and high heels made their debut. Petersburg.
2013, 3-by Belgian designer Iris van Herpen-
A D-print dress appeared at Paris Fashion Week.
Later, in New York, funny dancer Dita Von Teese wore 3-
D. printed dress, which is a product of Francis beattenty in Brooklyn, he is another to attend 3-
D. printing design exhibition.
Rachel enhan, 25, a native of Texas, created a 3-Printed chest
The piece that will be worn on your hand --
Clothes sewn at the exhibition.
\"Other countries are more avant-garde --
\"About pushing and showing things that are very unwearable,\" she said . \".
\"Now it has come to the United States. S.
We want to have our own stake in something that will only become bigger.
During a recent visit to the MoMA exhibition, Claire Watson, a 58-year-old local sculptor, was stunned by the sportswear, comparing it to the \"bullet proof.
She admitted that she was seduced by the science behind the dress.
\"This is an amazing new era,\" she said . \" She added that she would wear clothes if they could be worn.
\"Something happened in 3-
The printer we can\'t even see.
\"So far, most 3-
D. The garment is made of hard plastic or nylon and is intended to mimic the actual fabric, but still an uncomfortable rigidity.
For sportswear, ladies.
Rosenclantz and her colleagues
It took the designer a year to design 2,279 triangular panels connected by 3,316 hinges, printed in nylon single piece. While Ms.
She doesn\'t think 3-
Printing fashion is a fashion and she realizes that it\'s not really working yet.
\"You can use 3-D-
\"Printing is not particularly comfortable,\" she said . \".
\"You need different materials, a softer, better approximate fabric.
\"You also need cheaper machines . \"
Rosenclantz pointed out that 3-
The printer that makes her clothes costs about $1 million.
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