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by:Merryshine     2019-11-22
Subastral has accumulated a successful legacy over the years, and the merits of the work can prove that we are committed to serving our esteemed customers faithfully, no matter where they are.
Our specialization in display equipment and jewelry display, based on our commitment to quality, has earned us an excellent local and international reputation.
Our store is more of a \"fixture supermarket\" where you can find everything under one roof.
Therefore, we believe that you can shop with confidence and get the satisfaction you need.
At Subastral, we always strive to bring you quality and affordable products that meet the needs of our respected customers.
The fixtures and products in our jewelry store are very rich.
Check out our unique high quality and carefully crafted jewelry displays, mannequin, display cabinets and clothing forms designed for jewelry, clothing and a wide range of accessories.
We believe you will find the best product for you.
Our exquisite and original design reflects the highest level of craftsmanship you can find anywhere.
This aspect of innovation inspires us to review our products to meet our customers\' design and quality preferences.
We also focus on the durability of the product, which is why you will find a series of fixtures that are carefully crafted with wrought iron to make them attractive and strong.
You can place an order electronically.
Our international telephone contact 323-446-
8647 if you live outside the United States or Canada.
We will be pleased to inform you of the special features of the product and the best shipping options available for you.
To facilitate easy payment for local and overseas customers, we have adopted flexible payment methods.
This gives our customers the opportunity to pay for the products they buy comfortably.
For any purchase made on our website, our payment system is also safe and reliable.
Alternatively, customers can also pay securely via PayPal.
In addition, we assure you that any financial information you send online, such as credit card details, will be kept confidential at the highest level.
These details are only used to charge our customers.
Therefore, once we receive your financial information in the payment system, you do not need to worry about its privacy.
We also have useful links to provide leads to suppliers of similar products.
Our website also provides relevant tips and comments from our satisfied customers about the product.
This information will enrich your shopping experience.
If you have purchased a defective product, you can contact us within 48 hours to report the damage.
Therefore, if you have ordered the product, it is recommended that you check the goods received immediately.
You can contact us by email
Please email if you would like to request a return.
If you have any other questions, we kindly request that you contact our customer service representative at 888 624 8222 below.
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