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selecting a good bracelet jewelry box - for yourself or someone else

by:Merryshine     2019-10-27
If you have -
Or want to have-
Rich collection of jewelry, good
The quality of the jewelry box is absolutely necessary.
However, jewelry boxes that may be suitable for rings, earrings or necklaces may not be suitable for storing bracelets.
Here are some general tips to keep in mind before you go shopping-
A very important suggestion: Do not buy a bracelet jewelry box made of plastic. Why?
Because some plastics release a small amount of chemicals into the air.
If your bracelet is placed in a plastic container for a long time, these evaporated trace chemicals may damage the surface of your bracelet.
Another important suggestion is that you try to choose a bracelet jewelry box that provides a separate compartment for each of your bracelets.
Some jewelry box designs have a large \"normal\" drawer and everything is finally thrown away.
When your bracelets are all put together like this, they are damaged when they collide with each other --
More importantly, if you carry a bracelet jewelry box with you while traveling.
What can you do if you have an existing bracelet jewelry box with no personalized compartments?
One possible solution would be to buy small and soft cloth bags and put each bracelet in it.
At the very least, when your bracelets are stored together in the tour, they will be protected to a certain extent and will not be scratched or damaged by other items that you may also have stored there.
Based on these suggestions, I feel that the best jewelry box is made of solid wood instead of plastic.
It should have enough storage.
Ideally, there is plenty of room inside to store all the bracelets that are separated from each other.
To further protect your jewelry, I would recommend lining with soft felt to prevent scratches, in addition, to provide a little \"buff\" whenever the item is moved, all should be pushed inside.
Be careful to store your bracelets and they always look great!
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