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saving packaging dollars in a down economy - custom printed paper bags

by:Merryshine     2019-10-15
As of Dec.
2008. The United States has been in recession for a whole year.
In this uncertain economy, businesses and individuals are scrambling to make a living.
Where can you cut costs?
Where can you save a little extra money?
These problems rotate in people\'s minds every day.
For some businesses, the answers to these questions may be as simple as reassessing your packaging.
It doesn\'t look like much, but every bit of it helps in this economy.
Sometimes these \"small\" savings are considerable.
Having premium custom bagA plain brown kraft paper bags is the cheapest option and you don\'t need to spend a lot of money.
While it may sound less upscale the first time you hear it, consider: one of the country\'s most famous department stores, Bloomingdale, uses these simple brown bags.
Their \"big brown bag\" has become iconic and instantly recognized.
No matter what you sell, a normal Brown cowhide paper bag can save you money and make you look more upscale.
Simply customize your bag with a logo or a clever, engaging phrase.
As an extra bonus, these bags are also more eco-friendly
Friendly than most people, which means you can \"green\" and save some money at the same time.
Remember, Brown is the new green!
When your image is more demanding
If you have higher paper bagsPaper bags (
Color Kraft, or with rope handle)
, There are some ways to save money without reorganizing the entire packaging process.
For example, order the stock color for your package, not the custom color.
While most bag suppliers can give you custom colors, they are almost always more expensive than bags in stock colors.
If you use a rope to hold your handbag, save money with a soft rope or poly rope instead of a cotton or ribbon handle.
The thickness of the handle will also affect the price of your bag.
Discuss suggestions with your package supplier.
General tips for saving money on custom printed paper bags the advantages of price concessions: If your monthly bag usage is as high as thousands of bags, do not order 2,000 bags or 3,000 bags per month.
Whether it is printing 1,000 bags or 100,000 bags, the cost of the manufacturer to start the printing machine is the same. Purchase a six-
Supply bags every month and take advantage of the reduced price.
Order early: When you place an order with normal delivery requirements, you will significantly reduce the cost rather than wait until the last minute.
Many custom print bag vendors can accommodate a busy job, but this will bring you a busy fee and an extra delivery fee.
Is it better to be thinner?
We work with a company that uses a very thick piece of paper. end bag (210 gsm).
As they order more than 100,000 bags a few times a year, customers want to explore ways to save money on orders.
We looked at what they put in the bag and found that the paper was too thick to use.
They can use thinner paper to get the same look at a lower cost without sacrificing the image.
We made the change and ended up saving around £ 9%.
100,000 savings are huge when you order 9% packs at a time.
Finally, talk to your bag supplier: they can find hundreds of ways to help you save money on your packaging needs.
Meet with them and be very clear about what you want and ask them how they can help you achieve your goals at a reasonable cost.
You may be very surprised by what you have learned.
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