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rs 5 or 50p coin: looks are deceptive | india news - times of india

by:Merryshine     2019-11-27
Doweshowbellyad = month;
Next time you get the Rs-
5 coins as spare change make sure it\'s not 50-paise coin (TOI Photo)
Bangalore: you get the Rs next time-
5 coins as spare change make sure it\'s not 50-
Paise coin, because it is difficult to distinguish between the two.
The two coins are almost identical in diameter, but 50 paise coins are slightly different in design.
Alpana Killawalla, chief general manager of RBI, explains the change in coin size (Mumbai)
He said, \"with the increase in the price of international copper and nickel, the intrinsic value of coins is higher than the actual relief value.
Therefore, it is necessary to switch to cheaper metals.
With the launch of the new Rs,
5 coins, RBI has been completed from using cupro-
From nickel to stainless steel.
From now on, the whole series
From 10 paise to 5 Rs
New grades of ferritic stainless steel and chromium will be used for production. The new Rs-
5 coins carry the Lion Capital of the Ashoka pillar, with legendary Satyameva Jayate engraved below;
\"Bhar\" in Hindi and \"india\" in English are reliefs on the left and right, respectively.
2007 is also reliefs on this side.
On the other hand, there are two stylized expressions of visual metaphor on the periphery of the low er, depicting the flow quality representing the continuous flow of information.
The top has a face value of \"5\" in international numbers, and the sides are rupye in Hindi and \"rupe\" in English, respectively \". The 23-
Mm coins also have safe edges, designed to consist of a bead chain in the relief and a sloping line in the relief.
Denomination: Rs 5 diameter: 23mm, safety edge weight: 4 gm (approx)
Metal composition: stainless steel, Chrome denomination: 50 paise diameter: 22mm Weight: 3.
79 general metal ingredients: stainless steel, Chrome download the latest Indian News app for The Times of India.
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