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***organizational tips for jewelry collectors

by:Merryshine     2019-11-02
If you have a lot of jewelry collections, you might like to have so many accessories options every day.
However, the disadvantage of more and more jewelry collections is that it is easy to forget the small pieces and keep everything clean and tidy.
The secret of enjoying your collection is the organization.
There are several ways to organize your jewelry.
Whatever system you choose, no matter how big your collection is, be consistent.
If it\'s a small collection, keep it visible.
If it\'s a big collection, sort it out so you can remember what you have.
For those who only have a small amount of daily jewelry collection, it is best to keep busy
Get a jewelry box close to you-put it on your dresser or in your bathroom or in the locker room.
You may even want to dedicate the top drawer of your dresser to jewelry.
Be sure to arrange the drawers with soft fabric so that the jewelry will not be scratched.
To store your bracelet and necklace, twist a row of cup hooks on the wall near the mirror.
The necklace will not be wrapped together and your choice will be front and center.
If you only have a few special pieces of jewelry-an antique piece of jewelry or a fine piece of jewelry or two-then put them in the jeweler\'s box.
If you don\'t have the original box, buy some at the jewelry store.
If jewelry is really valuable-you just wear it once in a while-rent a safe.
Peace of mind is worth it.
If your jewelry collection has exceeded the shoe box
You have a jewelry box of size on your dresser, then you have a few options.
You can buy a jewelry closet, use a few smaller jewelry boxes, or store your collection on boxes and shelves.
These jewelry cabinets come with several handy drawers, shelves and shelves.
Usually, the door opens and a row of hooks is exposed from which you can hang necklaces, bracelets and other chains.
Open the rest of the chest and you will find a lot of separate spaces so that your jewelry will not scratch the rest.
Armoires usually has padded pillows, perfect for wearing rings, earrings or wrapping the watch.
Since armoires is designed to store and protect your jewelry, drawers, racks and partitions are usually lined with soft fabrics to prevent scratches.
You will also find some separate spaces that allow you to classify the watch from bracelets, etc.
Some armoires include a removable tray so you can take out a part of your collection to find the right thing.
Others have lockable or hidden compartments that can stop thieves.
Jewelry boxes are too big for your collection, then maybe you should consider a few jewelry boxes.
You can make your silver ornaments with one and gold with one.
Or, you want one that only holds your costume jewelry.
Choose a system that meets your needs and work with the way you choose your jewelry.
The good thing about this system is that you can collect different boxes-some for holding watches, some rings, some necklaces and slides.
Maybe the wooden finish of the box is good, maybe the stained glass.
Just make sure the box has a smooth lining like armoires to protect your baby.
The third option for OrganizersA is a collection of boxes, racks, and organizers.
It won\'t be as attractive as a lovely jewelry box on a nice jewelry closet or dresser, but the system is probably the most practical.
Stacked jewelry organizers can include several pallets with up to 40 different compartments to store your jewelry.
Do you have dozens of earrings?
Then consider a folding ear ring rack that can store up to 128 pairs.
Pull out the shelf when you want to pick the jewelry that day, expand it and choose.
When you\'re done, fold it up and put it in an invisible place.
With such a system, you won\'t overload the top of the dresser with a box.
But when you get dressed, you can see your choices at a glance, make your choices, and then put the boxes away.
Is there a small collection of earrings?
Then consider an earring box that has a compartment for 24 pairs of earrings, but 10 inch by 7 inch.
Similar boxes can hold up to 24 rings.
If your limited drawer space prevents you from using a variety of shelves and boxes, consider an outdoor jewelry organizer.
Put this handy shelf on the door of the bedroom or bathroom.
It can accommodate more than 300 pieces of jewelry-at your fingertips.
One of the door frames can hold up to 50 rings, 75 pairs of earrings, more than 75 bracelets or watches, and more than 100 necklaces.
And more jewelry than this?
Buy a second door frame and put it on another door.
You will never forget what you have collected.
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