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not your average bling! meet the women who collect morbid mourning jewelry made from human hair

by:Merryshine     2019-12-21
Antique jewelry made of real human hair is once again worn by collectors who are interested in the deep personal memorabilia that was originally created as a sign of emotion or mourning.
Wearing a carefully crafted accessory from a loved one\'s hair may sound creepy, but wearing jewelry containing the cut-off --
Off lock is a common practice in the United States and Europe
Georgia and the Victorian era
Now it seems that the trend is back to fashion.
\"I think part of the reason people are fascinated by it is that it does react to some extent,\" jewelry collector Evan Michael son told reporters . \".
Because the hair really affects people at this visceral level, it has a lot of energy. \'Ms.
Michael son, who is together?
Own the antique store obscura antiques, adding that they are often attracted to slightly morbid items due to the strange emotions aroused by buyers.
Mourning jewelry made with the hair of the deceased is part of the sad process.
Victorian hairstyles are also considered an emotional symbol of a loved one, family member or friend, similar to a pendant box or a friendship bracelet.
Karen mann, a collector, jeweler and scholar, agrees.
She told the media that when I wear hair accessories, people who know this type will appreciate and appreciate it.
But people who don\'t know it will look at it and want to know what it is.
That\'s what I\'m interested in, too, in an abnormal way.
\"These sad pieces are made of carefully woven hair, usually made of glass and decorated with gold or gems.
Throughout the 19 th century, human hair was used to make everything from a woven bracelet to a brooch. Ms.
Michael Jackson will compare the \"obsession\" with the \"prison work\" with the details.
The Victorian hairstyle did a great job.
Michael Johnson explained.
Years of dedication and practice are required
This is a real ship.
The labor involved allows you to experience the difficulties of working with it.
I can imagine that working with hair would be an act of dedication to turn the precious relics of the one you love into something more precious.
Still, her hair jewelry collection is becoming more and more popular.
On one occasion, Michael Jackson pointed out, \"You can\'t give a haircut to someone else.
She recalled that when she first started looking for unique hair, she learned that many dealers were dealing with hair and only sold expensive antique frames. Ms.
Bachmann said she was interested in \"esoteric and quirky\" undergraduate students at Pratt University and fell in love with Victorian hairstyles during that time.
Both women are hair lovers.
\"I just can\'t finish it . \"Michelson said.
\"It\'s so beautiful. \'Ms.
Bachmann pointed out: \"The more I collect, the more tables I see, the more interested I am.
Both women were personally involved in the Museum of pathological anatomy, which opened in Brooklyn in June 2014. Ms.
Bach man is an artist and scholar. in-
In the residence of the museum, and the Lady
Michael son is a member of the board.
Their personal collection of works is currently part of the \"art of mourning\" exhibition, showcasing the 20th-century art deco associated with the culture of mourning.
\"This gives me a place to talk about my passion for jewelry . \"
Bach man said of the Institute.
For those who are fascinated by hair jewelry but live outside New York City, the Victorian hair Association is an Internet-based organization that brings together people who are interested in history, preservation, the restoration and continuation of art.
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