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nerbas: fake owl on roof will deter woodpecker

by:Merryshine     2019-12-13
Dear Reena: I was woken up by a bang at 5 in the morning. m.
Every day of the week
I only now know that a pecker is eating my satellite antenna.
What can I do to stop him?
Alfred has several suggestions for the bird to move on: Install a plastic owl as close as possible to the plate, or cover the plate with a cloth, without interfering with the grid or wire of the way the signal is.
Or install a pole near the plate with a garbage bag strip so that the strip can move with the wind.
Dear Reena: there is a stain on the inside of our golden snow Neil sofa arm.
My husband wiped it with a damp cloth.
Now, we can\'t get rid of the water stains where the old stains are. What can we do?
ElaineTake a piece of old rag and wet it with white vinegar.
Wipe the entire sofa with a cloth to mix it together. Air dry;
This stain will soon become a distant memory.
Dear Reena: Do you have a way to stop my carpet from sliding on another one?
Don\'t do the rubber ring. A.
Here are a few options that I dislike the most: 1.
Apply Velcro bars or double
Double sided tape on the carpet and area carpet holds it in place. 2.
Buy Ruggies online.
These small rubber shapes are designed to suck the gripcarpet on the carpet while preventing the corners from curling (inexpensive). 3. Under-
Carpet mats are made for carpets and are available in flooring and Home Hardware Stores (
A little expensive). 4.
Buy a roll of rubber shelf liner.
Cut the liner and put it under the carpet (cheap).
Dear Reena: even though I always add two or three eggs to my burger patties barbecue, they still crack on the grill.
What did I do wrong?
Are you using lean meat like Sharon?
If so, try something fatter to combine the meat together.
Also, eggs are not a necessary ingredient for burger patties, and in fact, it sounds like the liquid in the eggs may be another reason for your delicious burger.
Supplementary Note: In order to get the best taste of the pie, barbecue in mid-fire to avoid flipping the burger frequently.
Don\'t press the pie down with a spatula
You will lose the taste of the juice.
Dear Reena: I have a problem with my costume jewelry, especially earrings and hooks.
I kept them in the bathroom and the humidity turned them into a color and some had cracked.
Is there anything I can do to restore them?
Or can they not be fixed?
If the paint on your earrings falls off, your only hope is to spray-
Draw them and make them look great again.
To clean regularly, your goal is to break the link between dirt and jewelry.
Your easiest solution is to use the old toothbrush as your cleaning tool and soap and water as a cleaner.
Brush gently, rinse, repeat.
Polish and Polish with a soft cloth.
Another option is to scrub with an old toothbrush and an optical white Colgate toothpaste.
Rinse and repeat.
Silver Brite is a commercial choice for a popular clean dress jewelry.
Additional Tip: to prevent the color change of clothing jewelry, try spraying the jewelry with transparent acrylic enamel paint often found by department store automobile department.
Start with a test piece that you don\'t have a connection.
Hang the jewelry on an abandoned piece of cardboard and spray it.
It will turn white and dry.
This is a protective coat that will make your costume jewelry look great over the years.
Make sure you avoid spraying earrings.
This is Reena\'s recipe summer.
So, load your burger and smother your steak with this delicious barbecue sauce.
1 cup of balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup of tomato sauce, 1/3 cup of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of garlic, minced1 1/2 Tbsp worcesershire sauc1 Tbsp Dijon or plain mustard powder Salt and pepper add all the ingredients to apot and stir and mix.
Heat and stir on the medium for 15 minutes.
Brush on pork, chicken or beef.
Tips for the week restore old apples by peeling them and cutting them into pieces.
Soak in the fridge with cold cider or juice for 30 minutes.
Keep apples out of contact with each other by storing them for longer periods of time.
If you used to make a necklace for yourself with flowers, be sure not to stick it directly on your skin.
Your sweat will reduce the life of the flower necklace.
If you drop a can of soda, it shakes and prevents it from exploding when you hit the side of the jar with your thumb and middle finger, as you rotate for about 20 seconds.
Pop the top and enjoy.
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