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migrant workers who fled wildfire worry about losing life in canada

by:Merryshine     2019-12-17
When Joann Gerebese heard that wildfire was moving towards the jewelry store she worked at Fort McMurray, her first instinct was to run home and get her passport and work permit.
However, as she was on the road, she realized that she forgot her bank card and had only $30 in her pocket when she got the important documents in a hurry.
But at least she has evidence that she can work in Canada. Gerebese, a 34-year-
In August 2014, a temporary foreign worker moved from the Philippines to Fort McMurray and worked as a sales clerk at borebone Diamond.
She sends half of her monthly income home to support her elderly parents.
The money includes the cost of treating a mother\'s heart disease.
Now, when she was living in Calgary University with other evacuees, Gerebese was concerned that she might have to go back to the Philippines \"from scratch\" if the jewelry store was not redecorated\"open.
She notes that buying diamonds is unlikely to be a priority in the coming months when people return to the city.
\"If the government sends us back, that might be the case-the end of my Canadian dream.
Like Gerebese, hundreds of foreign casual workers fleeing Fort McMurray face uncertainty that other evacuees do not know.
Their work permit is associated with a specific workplace for a particular employer.
Even if their place of work is not renewed
They can\'t work anywhere else in Canada and may end up having to leave.
\"The first thing we hear is, \'What is going to happen to our families, \'and they really don\'t think about themselves,\" said Marco Lucino, spokesman for Immigration Canada, a foreign workers\' advocacy group, they met with migrant workers who fled to Edmonton.
Many foreign casual workers are the main breadwinner for overseas families, have children go to school and serve older family members who may have loaned thousands of dollars to make sure they work in Canada, saeed Hussain, spokesman for the Canadian union for the rights of migrant workers, explained.
\"This period of unemployment has indeed greatly affected the ability of many to stay in the country.
This is a crisis point, \"he said.
According to a press release from the union of migrant workers, for those workers who do not qualify for employment insurance, the problem is exacerbated because they have not worked more than 630 of the required in the last 52 weeks
The organization called on the government to open work permits for foreign workers evacuated so that they could look for new jobs in Canada.
It also requires employment insurance for foreign workers and all other non-eligible evacuees.
For immigration rights advocates, the plight of foreign workers in Fort McMurray highlights the long-standing
They hope that the federal government\'s recent review of the Temporary Foreign Worker program will address long-standing problems.
\"Their workplace doesn\'t exist because it\'s on fire,\" Hussan said . \".
\"But people may face some consideration.
Their workplace may make them sick.
Their workplace could be closed.
\"His coalition calls for an open work permit for all migrant workers and calls for permanent residency at the time of landing and the removal of restrictions restricting low employment
Foreign workers who work in Canada for up to four years are paid.
\"The work they do here is not temporary,\" explained Luciano . \" He pointed out that many jobs, including food services and retail, have been filled by migrant workers for many years.
According to the coalition, these changes may help prevent abuse of migrant workers, including cases where overtime pay is not paid or where appropriate safety equipment is not provided for hazardous work, because the workers are afraid to lose their right to stay in Canada, they dare not complain.
Canada\'s immigration, refugee and citizenship and Canada\'s Department of Economic and Social Development did not respond to requests for comment.
But Ontario MP Brian May, who chaired the project review, said on Tuesday that the purpose of the review was to assess the concerns of the entire temporary foreign worker program, including migrant workers.
He also said that the review could create access to citizenship for temporary foreign workers who fill permanent vacancies, a move that could help Canadian businesses.
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