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make a pin cushion out of a vintage jewelry box or coffee cup

by:Merryshine     2019-11-08
This is a quick and easy way to make a needle pad.
This is a great gift for any sewing enthusiast.
It only takes 10 minutes and it looks cute when you\'re done!
What do you need :-
Vintage jewelry boxes, coffee cups or anything round and with a certain depth --
12 \"by 12\" fabric-
Waste fabric or some type of filler
Glue gun, sticky glue or any glue with good retention-Scissors-Rubber Band-
The pins of your pin buffer 1.
First start with the square of 12 by 12.
Put down the square of your 12 \"by 12\", put a stack of waste fabric or fill in the middle 3.
Pinch the four corners of the fabric together and wrap them with rubber bands.
Note: Make sure your fabric ball fits well before gluing the jewelry box/Cup.
If your fabric does not fit your box/cup, you may have to make it smaller. 1.
Place the fabric ball rubber band sideways into your box/Cup. 2.
Loose it a little, so it looks beautiful and full.
If you want, you can add some glue to the bottom before putting the fabric ball in. 3. Glue it in.
Place the fabric ball in the box/cup and glue it to the box/Cup.
Make sure to bypass the edge where the ball meets the box/Cup. You\'re done! !
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