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Jostens creates championship ring for the Penguins

by:Merryshine     2019-11-03
Jostens, leading high
Today, when the Pittsburgh Penguins presented the rings to the athletes, the jewelry customized for the professional sports team unveiled the National Hockey League\'s 2016 Stanley Cup champion ring, at a private ceremony at the Heinz Historical Center, coaches and hockey staff.
2015 outstanding rings in honor of Penguins
The 2016 season celebrates the victory of the Stanley Cup in June 12.
David Moorhouse, President and CEO of Pittsburgh Penguins, said: \"These unique and brilliant rings will always be an inspiring symbol of what our players and coaches have achieved in winning the Stanley Cup.
\"On behalf of our boss, Mario lemiyo and Ron Becker, and our players and coaches, I would like to thank Jostens for his creativity and craftsmanship in this very special Stanley Cup champion ring project.
\"Jostens is honored to work with Penguin again to create a champion ring to celebrate the history of the team\'s championship,\" said Chris Poitras, vice president of professional sports. \"This one-of-a-
The Kind ring is handmade with over 300 diamonds, totaling nearly 9 bright diamonds.
\"Penguin\'s Stanley Cup champion ring is made in platinum, while\" Stanley Cup champion \"outlines the top and bottom edges of the ring in gold. This dual-
The hue technology creates a contrasting display.
The iconic penguin logo badge is customized
Cut with half a real black agatecarat pear-
The diamond shape inside the Penguin trunk.
The Penguin\'s hockey bat has a tapered stick-shaped diamond that marks the triangle in the background representing the shape of the city center, consisting of 18 yellow diamonds, giving the ring a sense of depth. Thirty custom-
The cut Princess Diamond is set in a circle around, and 15 gems are set behind the logo badge.
The edges on the top and sides of the ring are waterfalls with diamonds, smooth, cascading edges and streamlined aesthetic effects.
The left panel proudly displays the team name, the player\'s last name and the player\'s number, gracefully paved with diamonds.
The right panel features \"2016\" and four diamonds
Inlaid with the Stanley Cup trophy, it is proud to represent every championship the legendary team won in Pittsburgh.
Inside, Aberg engraved with the team\'s motto \"just play football\" and a record of winning four playoff series on the way to the Stanley Cup of glory.
In addition, all Penguin fans can honor their team\'s epic victory by customizing personalized jewelry and collectibles.
The series gives fans the opportunity to learn about the history of Pittsburgh and can be ordered online.
Founded in 1897, Jostens has been making champion rings for professional sports teams and athletes for more than 60 years.
In addition to working with penguins, Jostens works with other professional sports organizations in Pittsburgh, including the Steelers and the Pirates.
Jostens is a trusted partner of the academic and achievement channel, offering products, projects and services that help customers celebrate important moments.
The company\'s products include yearbooks, publications, jewelry and consumer goods serving K-year
12 education, colleges and professional sports sectors.
The company was founded in 1897 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, United States.
Jostens is a subsidiary of Newell Brands and can be found online. Newell Brands (NYSE: NWL)
It is a leading consumer goods company in the world with rich product portfolio.
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