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by:Merryshine     2019-10-13
For most women, their relationship with jewelry begins with the ear hole.The average American girl went to the hole shop when she was nine and the earrings were usually her first piece of jewelry, which was not surprising.Shortly thereafter, her parents often introduced her to other popular jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.
Charm bracelets are especially popular among teenagers and teenagers.When she is big enough to drive, most young women have enough jewelry to properly call it a collection.Normally, she will receive most of these works from her parents on weekdays and holidays.
She may also buy her own jewelry or get it as a gift from her boyfriend or admirers.As you can imagine, the jewelry industry in the United States is driven by female consumers.Sales are typically as high as $50 billion a year, almost as much as Americans spend on shoes.
Why is the sales volume of decorative items as good as what we actually need, such as shoes?Mainly because of the girls!This is not to say that men don\'t buy or wear jewelry, but they have very few collections.They may have a nice watch, a bracelet and a necklace but don\'t need a real organizer.On the other hand, most women have some type of jewelry organizer.
In this article, we will discuss many different ways to protect the safety of jewelry.Most women know what it feels like to lose a valuable piece of jewelry.Whether it\'s earrings, rings or pendants, this often happens because their owners ignore putting them away.
Maybe they put them in the sink in the bathroom and dropped them off the drain or threw them in the drawer and forgot where they were placed.Most jewelry lovers have a hard time knowing that the best place to store their precious items is the jewelry organizer.The jewelry box is the most basic, usually the first jewelry organizer that the girl will have.
The standard jewelry box is designed to sit on a dresser, bedside table or dresser with several compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants.They are usually small enough to take away when traveling, or hide in a drawer when you are away from home.We recommend a jewelry box with locks and keys and plenty of space to store your growing collection for at least a few years.
Jewelry organizers who travel frequently and participate in activities where jewelry must be worn handbag women need a safe mode of transport.Jewelry Organizer handbags are popular with professional women in the fashion industry.Since it looks and feels like a normal handbag, no one will doubt the collection of jewelry you carry with you.
The standard jewelry bag has many compartments for transporting bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces sewn into the lining.Most women divide their jewelry into two categories.They have jewelry they wear every day and expensive decorations reserved for special occasions.
Hanging jewelry organizer is a safe, easy and convenient way to store the jewelry you often wear.Like a jewelry handbag, the hanging organizer can also travel safely as it looks like a standard clothing bag.Of course, most women just put them in the closet at home and store necklaces and bracelets with dozens of inner loops.
Hanging jewelry organizer is a simple and affordable way to free up space in crowded jewelry boxes.The average woman spends about $13 a year on jewelry.If she is married, she will most likely receive decorations on her birthday, anniversary, Major holidays, and Valentine\'s Day.
In other words, her collection will grow year after year.These combinations are often too large for general jewelry boxes.The next step in size is jewelry valet.Jewelry valet is an upright organizer that must be placed on the floor with four drawers, each with many compartments to accommodate any imaginable decorations.
Many models also have two revolving doors with hooks and rings for hanging necklaces and large bracelets.Most women do not need real furniture to store their jewelry unless they are members of the royal family.The jewelry closet is reserved for the big beauties who have accumulated a truly impressive collection.
The free-The executive organizer is undoubtedly the largest jewelry depository in the market today.It is about twice the size of a jewelry valet with at least six oversized drawers and double doors with necklace hooks inside.Most of the models we review are 3 feet high and have a flipMirror and felt on topLined drawers complete with luxurious effects.
The right jewelry organizer can help you store and transport your jewelry collection safely, regardless of its size
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