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jewelry boxes - their long history as gifts and heirloom gifts

by:Merryshine     2019-10-28
Jewelry boxes are more than just places to store jewelry.
They have been precious gifts for centuries, and they are especially precious as a gift to pass on heir.
Let\'s take a look at the history of the jewelry box and also see its role as a gift to pass heir.
The best jewelry boxes have been circulating for generations.
These boxes are considered valuable, not only because of the jewelry stored inside, but also because they symbolize good memories, in many cases, because of the beautiful workmanship of the box itself.
How far have they gone?
Jewelry has been worn by humans since the Stone Age, and jewelry boxes have existed since ancient times.
The jewelry box was originally called a \"jewelry coffin \".
\"Early jewelry coffins were made of metal, made of gold, silver, copper and ivory.
Even if there is no jewelry in it, they are valuable items in themselves.
Before the modern industrial era, jewelry boxes were handmade.
Made by artisans, each one is unique.
When the technology of mass production is adopted, the jewelry box can be industrialized like other metal products.
For a growing middle class, these boxes have become affordable and they are starting to love luxury products.
In the first few years of the 20th century, American women were eager for the fashion of the world\'s big cities and were able to fulfill this wish in the popular mail order catalogue of the day.
Jewelry boxes have become a popular \"fashion\" purchase method in mail order transactions.
There are boxes in the jewelry store.
The increase in international travel in the 20th century has also contributed to the re-use of jewelry boxes;
The boxes were bought as exotic souvenirs visited by their owners.
The tradition of giving away jewelry boxes as a biography of heir has continued for centuries and continues today.
Many people think that the jewelry box is a place where they can store the jewelry they receive from their loved ones for a lifetime and then pass it on to the next generation.
During the year, the heir box was given away many times, including Christmas, wedding, anniversary, engagement and graduation.
Gift holidays like Christmas and other \"milestone\" dates are when jewelry and jewelry boxes are used to \"mark\" the occasion.
The earliest boxes or jewelry were made of metal and used for small ornaments, but the size of the modern box has become larger, other materials have been used, and there are many uses.
Today\'s jewelry box is made of wood, leather and fabric.
They are used to store and display individual jewellery items such as engagement rings, pearl necklaces and other jewellery, including rare biography heir.
Large wooden jewelry treasure chest and landing Armory for the entire jewelry collection.
Wooden boxes are the most popular when it comes to passing on heir gifts.
Reid and Barton are a popular manufacturer of heirheir jewelry boxes, and I personally use a redwood Reed and Barton jewelry box belonging to my husband\'s grandmother.
Another quality manufacturer is Constantine.
They only build the box by hand and it takes 20 days to finish the box.
Their boxes are crafted with exotic solid wood, lined with specially treated defensesGlossy fabric
They have special gifts for Christmas and other important occasions.
If you want to save your jewelry beautifully and keep memories related to the jewelry, you should consider buying a jewelry box.
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