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Japanese Black Lacquer Jewelry Boxes that play Music

by:Merryshine     2019-10-13

The history of decorating Japanese jewelry boxes includes from small music boxes to huge lacquer jewelry boxes with many drawers;Some are even dotted with extraordinary cloisonne.©In designAlthough most historians would say that lacquer technology originated in China\'s main land,©It is considered the earliest art of Turkey in Roman and Byzantine empires and is now known as Turkey.But most cultural people in the world tell you that both art forms have been raised to the highest level in Japan and are now considered very pure Japanese.The use of lacquer ware is very natural for the Japanese people because they have rich lacquer trees in beautiful island countries.This is the magic juice of the lacquer tree for the production of extraordinary resin coating, which is the base box of this very extraordinary Japanese lacquer ornament gloss and strength.Japanese lacquer tree sap is the main ingredient of Japanese lacquer tree paint.This type of lacquerware is traditionally used on the main land of Japan, starting before the written language appears there;From 6000 BC to now, lacquer tree sap has been used in Japan.The paint on this tree is toxic to touch until it dries and the paint is made --In Japan, pottery, as an art form, has long been practiced by skilled and knowledgeable artisans.Japanese lacquerLacquer ware in JapanEarly software was produced in a very basic process.First of all, the object is made of wood or wood and other materials such as paper, basket are also usedWoven, even leather.The first coat of paint is used to seal the object, and also to protect the item from the elements, then add artwork and other decorations, and then the second coat of paint continues on the item, then finally add a smooth third piece, or maybe a fourth coat to finish the piece, giving it a smooth glossy and glossy look.It\'s not as complicated as the finished jewelry boxes from Japan that we see today.The Japanese lacquer ware was initially influenced by China, but soon, the local lacquer ware in Japan had a huge impact on the art and the innovation was amazing.It was during this period that the Japanese began to try to make lacquer ware in different ways.In the long and extraordinary history of the island of Japan, a large number of traditional crafts and religious lacquer works have been produced.Lacquer-Use of lacquer-Pottery is available in most parts of Japan\'s main island.Excellent Japanese lacquerWare is very dynamic and meticulous, very different from the early Chinese design.It can be seen that many of the paint boxes on the Japanese island were made in the late eighth and early ninth centuries.It is during this period that it is very important to mix powdered silver and sometimes gold into pure paint.Also at this time, the use of very beautiful shells and splendid mother of pearl inlaid is very popular in the ruling class.In this video above, there are two beautiful vintage Japanese black lacquer jewelry boxes that play lovely Japanese tunes.These Oriental-designed paint boxes were made in the late 1940 s and early 1950 s.These Japanese jewelry boxes are very popular in the United States in the 19 th century 50, one of which is my sister, a gift from her uncle.The other box was from my grandmother, a gift from her son.My two uncles were stationed in the occupied Japanese quarter after the end of World War II, and they all brought home these sweet jewelry boxes as gifts.In Japan, about 800 advertisements, lacquer jewelry boxes were popular among royal family members, when things became very gorgeous and delicate.After that, many items made of Japanese lacquer ware, including exquisite pencil cases, exquisite detailed sachets, and even inlays --Ed paint box for personal stationery, royal documents or royal family private toiletries.My sisters, she had Japanese jewelry boxes when she was young, one of the many things stolen from our farm in July 3, 2018, including things inside and items in the background.My uncle brought it back from Japan after World War II and gave it to my grandmother who gave it to my sister Celesa.Some of her jewelry when she was a teenager was in this box with my grandfather\'s cuff.Link and his knifeI sent a group of dark angels to torture the thieves who robbed our farm house, and all the curses of my family came to these thieves.I might look like a funny man in a Hawaiian shirt, but these guys took the Warlock out of me.This is a black-painted jewelry box that plays music.When people steal something from your dead loved ones, they are the lowest.I made this video after she died.I recorded almost everything in my life.So there will be more.In the 900 AD, the smaller and very portable lacquer jewelry box is called \"inro\" and is fixed on clothing that binds customers to kimono or clothing.The art of making and making cloisonne came to the Japanese coast around the 17 th century. in Japan, cloisonne artists often use cranes and pigeons as well as chrysanthemums, and other lovely flowers.Cloisonne like paintCloisonne like paintWare is an ancient technique for decorating wood products and metal products such as jewelry boxes and souvenirs.In Japan, it is used together with the lacquer for setting pearls and other semi-precious stones as well as stained glass..Japanese lacquerJapanese lacquerWare is called the Sinitic compound of Shiki, or in their written language, it is displayed as \"ware\" in both written and oral Japanese \".The Japanese native lacquer term is the word urushi, or do they write the word \"Hiroshi\", which is related to the word \"beauty\" in English.Most lacquer-Vessels are valued for their shiny or glossy appearance.The Japanese cultivated the lacquer treehistoric Times.There is some remarkable evidence that Japanese ancestors cultivated lacquer trees in ancient times.In the historical period, it seems that they know the extraction of lacquer phenol because it is sticky, but it is likely to be the perfect lacquer art.In the kam Cang era around the 1188 AD s, Japanese artists and artisans followed the art of the Song Dynasty and began to use thick black fine paint, at this time, japanese artists and artisans began to apply many thin lacquer layers on carved wood, in this way they could make a high-quality jewelry box or Buddhist image for the merchants, sell to the richer members of their society.Red and black paint is used the most in Japan, usually you will see the use of these paints with inlays, such as shells, mother of pearl and cloud mother shells and other similar shell materials.The Japanese also use gold and silver powder on their lacquer ware.It\'s really interesting to collect these extraordinary black paint jewelry boxes made in Japan.These wonderful works of art were produced from the end of 1940 to the beginning of 1960.Most were made in the early 1950 s.Many people have music and even dancers.Many people have hidden drawers and secret compartments.These are loved by innocent young women in their 1950 s.The art of these fine paint art works is excellent.Collecting them is a pleasure, not a hobby to start and enjoy.
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