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Is there any third party doing quality test?
Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd promises that every product in our company has passed the strict quality test. There is a fact that many companies do not have the resources or expertise required to conduct an entire set of tests on product quality or other specifications, so a lot of companies ask for a QC test conducted by the third party to confirm the quality of the products. The test involves the performance test, size measurement, specifications confirmation, etc, which drives significant results for both parties. As a customer-oriented company, we are also warmly welcome that customers demand third-party testing.

Merryshine. has been focusing on producing and supplying sterling silver rings with own R&D and manufacture capacities. We go far ahead of the industry in the domestic market. The harmony ball necklace series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Merryshine charm necklace is professionally designed. It has been designed by considering many constructional elements such as mechanical structures, spindle bearings, and control and operating devices. The product has a long service life and long-lasting performance, which has been approved by international certificates. It sells well among ladies who love jewelry.

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