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Is aromatherapy necklace diffuser pendant tested before shipment?
Yes. aromatherapy necklace will be tested before being delivered. Quality control tests are performed at various stages and the final quality test before shipping is primarily to ensure accuracy and ensure no defects prior to shipping. We've got a team of quality inspectors who are all familiar with the quality standard in the industry and pay great attention to every detail including product performance and package. Normally, one unit or piece will be tested and, it will not be shipped until it has passed the tests. Performing quality checks helps us in monitoring our products and processes. It also reduces the costs associated with shipping errors as well as the expenses that will be shouldered by both the customers and the company when processing any returns due to defective or inaccurately delivered products.

Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd. builds up the reputation from strong manufacturing capacity. We have become one of the leading producer and exporter of jewelry silver. sterling silver rings is the main product of Merryshine. It is diverse in variety. The product not only has passed the domestic quality standards but also has been approved by many international certificates. This product is custom-made according to color, shape, and design. Merryshine. always provides pearl cage necklace with good price and thoughtful service. The silver materials used in this product reaches the highest purity.

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