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Is "pearl cage necklace manufactured by Merryshine exquisite?
A high-quality "pearl cage necklace can't be offered without an exquisite manufacturing process in addition to advanced technologies, and skilled workers. Based on the available resources, order volume, overhead costs (such as labor and inventory), and other numerous variables, we put high demands on quality in our production chain. We work with ongoing quality checks and comply with the international standards specified. We follow up any deviations in order to constantly improve our manufacturing process. Also, we ensure a part of our investment in the introduction of high-end machines which can ensure the high precision of the finished products.

Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd., producing and selling high quality sterling silver rings, has gained high recognization for the strong developing and manufacturing capacity. The Necklaces series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The product has been approved by all required international certificates. Merryshine. has high level of innovation inclination and innovation management for Necklaces. The silver materials used in this product reaches the highest purity.

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