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how to take care your onyx - jewelry -

by:Merryshine     2019-10-29
Your onyx agate jewelry needs special care most, especially your black onyx agate ring, because they are worn on one of the busiest parts of your body, your hand, it is subject to different kinds of substances, sweat, food, etc.You should practice keeping your black agate jewelry clean.Take it off when you are dealing with any chemical or any substance that will not only greatly affect the quality of your environment, but also the stone itself.
It is recommended to use the \"last wear, first remove\" method when wearing and removing jewelry.Of course, you don\'t want to lose them, so make sure they are in a safe place when you remove them.If you carry a small padded box with you, you can put your precious jewelry there in case you go out and you really need to take it off, which will help.
Keep in mind that your jewelry should be worn instead of being locked somewhere.Be careful, though, when you are wearing jewelry, not to scratch or damage it.Onyx tips 6.Compared with diamonds of 10 Mohs grade, Mohs (hardness) grade is 5 to 7.
This means that even if onyx looks tough, it\'s not the hardest in a bunch.If you need to store them, please store them correctly.Don\'t pile your jewelry in your jewelry box.
Some jewelry boxes have pads specifically for inserting rings.If you don\'t have one, make sure you put each one in a velvet bag, which prevents the jewelry from scratching each other.Be sure to use any type of jewelry cleaner carefully when using the Black onyx Maroon beads treasure.
This does not mean that you can already use it on onyx if it is a jewelry cleaner.For example, drowning your onyx agate ring on an ultrasonic cleaner may not be a good idea, even if it is usually used to clean stones such as diamonds, rubies and Sapphire.Please note that each stone has a different composition.
A cheap option is to add a little ammonia to the water.Unfortunately, this is also frustrating as ammonia is only recommended when cleaning diamonds, rubies and Sapphire.Keep in mind that black agate is a stone that is porous like a rock.
It absorbs the submerged substance, which damages the color and purity of your stone when it penetrates into your gem.For opaque gems, just like your onyx agate jewelry, it is recommended to wipe with only damp cotton cloth.Black onyx agate ring (as it has a lot of dirt) should be soaked in warm water with mild soap for one to two hours, wipe clean with wet cotton cloth first, then wipe clean with clean dry cotton cloth.
The necklace is also recommended to do so as it usually touches the skin as well.Also avoid the use of polishing cloth.This is usually the metal used to polish your jewelry.But don\'t use it on your onyx agate.This is most correct when cleaning the black onyx agate ring.
You should be careful to clean the parts that often come into contact with the skin, as it is usually carved and dust is piled up in the gaps.Guys, keep it clean!
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