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How To Recycle A Cylinder Container Into A Beautiful Christmas Present Box

by:Merryshine     2019-10-16
Recycling is a good goal!I am pleased to hear that the students at the school have learned the basic concepts of \"reducing, reusing and recycling\" three better tomorrow.\"Around Christmas, I think twice about throwing away containers that easily turn into Christmas gift boxes.Here is a project about Laughing Cow cheese box.
Don\'t worry it\'s a cylindrical box.
This article will show you how to decorate this box into a decent jewelry box or gift box for a small and flat item.Step 1: remove as many labels as possible.This step is required if you are going to cover the container with thin wrapping paper or paper towels.
If your wrapping paper is thick, skip this step.Step #2.Put the bottom of your container on the wrapping paper and have an idea to cut and leave enough paper so it can stick to the side.The reason I\'m not so precise about the measurements is that sometimes when you try to separate it from the container, you may not measure correctly, wasting time and paper.
What you end up with is a wrapper that fits your bottom, with some extra stuff around it, and even overshows the container when the box is closed.The excess will be cut.Step 3: stick the paper to the lid and smooth the liquid on the surface of the entire box.You can also use a gluestick.Do the same for the bottom.Step 4: start cutting the paper to the length of the side, but it would be nice if it was slightly out of the side.
Step 5: cut the wrapping paper into circles until the paper has been glued to the top surface.Then, apply glue on the side and glue each piece of paper separately.Step 6: You can see if the edge of the wrapping paper exceeds the outer part of the box.
If so, put a crease to paint the edges of the outside and inside and trim accordingly.Step 7: do the same for the top, except that the wrapping paper of the lid should be longer than the side, so that the paper can be wrapped to the inside of the box.Then stick the wrapping paper to the inside of the lid.
Step 8: to make it more festive, use the same technique, stick the paper towel in the lid and trip.Step 9: place the paper towel at the bottom.Don\'t stick this down.Look, there\'s a beautiful box for your Christmas present.
This box is especially suitable for necklaces and other flat gifts such as gift cards.Also, if you don\'t write on the box, it\'s a box that can be recycled again.The recipient of your gift may use it for another gift giving occasion.
So, next time, you need a gift box, look at your kitchen and see if you can recycle a box
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