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how to make cool stainless steel jewellery

by:Merryshine     2019-11-25
Hello teacher.
In my work, we used 4mm stainless steel wire rope to hang the submersible pump under drilling.
We often have a short time left.
This is usually wasted.
I used some of this left-
Make some cool bracelets for my daughter with wire rope.
In the process I will show how it is done so you can do it as well.
You will be surprised that isI got my inspiration from the Manila rope quote we played with as a child.
I remember staring at one for a long time trying to figure out where the connection was.
I thought it was mysterious.
You only need four things: the wire is made up of six strands twisted around a straight line or king line.
We formed a circle with a twisted rope, and we circled ourselves six times to form a complete rope.
It\'s not easy to describe, but it\'s easy to do --
Stocks naturally sit where they need them.
The first step is to cut at least six times the length of the wire rope at the perimeter of the bracelet you want to make.
My goal is the perimeter of 200mm, so cut the rope to be at least 1200mm long.
Next, take a twisted rope from the rope.
Just pick one from the end and unlock it until it disappears.
Poke shares through a part of the heat shrink tube.
Shape the chain into a circle according to the size you want and pass one end through the loop
It\'s like the first step in tying your shoelaces.
If the ring is hung, the right hand end should go through the left part and back up through the ring.
If it is correct, the twists and turns will be well combined.
If it is right or wrong, it should be obvious.
If it looks ugly, pull it apart and try again.
Now, simply twist the end around the part that makes up the circle.
You will find that it will naturally sit where it should be.
Every time you make a full circle, you need to pass an end through the heat shrink.
After five laps, it looks like the rope is done, but you will find that the other lap will be inserted well to make the rope tighter and stronger.
The rope should be good, tight and tidy when you finish six laps.
Cut off excess strands with pliers.
Try to cut in a way that minimizes the projection.
Place the Heat Shrink tube at the cutting end of the Strand and apply heat.
Hot fire guns are common but I don\'t have them so I used candles.
Be careful not to burn out the tube.
Slowly, heat it gently and you will soon see it shrink and tighten at the cutting end.
This will stop them from spreading out and prevent sharp ends from poking you.
Let the Heat Shrink tube cool and harden and wipe to remove any soot.
Sit down and enjoy your work.
Of course, this system can be applied to any twisted strand rope.
Circles can be as big or small as you like.
Also, there is a heat shrink in many colors, but I only have black ones.
I made some beads with stainless steel nuts.
They had to put the Heat Shrink tube on the stock at the beginning.
I hope you enjoy my guidance.
If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.
I \'d love to see the photos if you make one.
If you like this, you may want to see some of my other works in my Etsy store.
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