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how to make a velvet jewelry box insert

by:Merryshine     2019-11-24
Velvet is a luxurious plush fabric that can turn ordinary wood, plastic or metal jewelry boxes into more elegant and luxurious jewelry boxeslooking.
While you can make velvet plug-ins for your jewelry box using standard velvet fabric, it is messy to use glue to connect the velvet fabric.
One option is to use self-
Adhesive velvet fabric that can be trimmed and attached to the jewelry box plug-in, no extra glue or other adhesive is required.
Open the jewelry box and remove the plug-in from the jewelry box.
The insert looks like a tray with different compartments.
Measure the area of the main compartment at the bottom of the plug-in using a tape measure.
Measure the height of the insert Wall, which is the raised area used to separate the different compartments in the insert.
Cut a piece of your own.
Measure the bonded velvet fabric of the bottom area of the main compartment, increasing the measurement of the height of the wall.
Cut out a square from all four corners of the fabric, one for each corner, the same height as the insert wall.
Fold the corner edge to the center of the fabric shape.
The cut-out square in each corner will enable the fabric to form on the wall of the insert without bending or gathering.
Peel off the backing of the velvet shape, then press the adhesive side of the velvet shape on the bottom of the main compartment.
Press the excess fabric up the edge to the side of the compartment.
Repeat the process with each individual compartment inside the jewelry box insert.
Squeeze a line of colored glitter glue along the seam of velvet fabric at the top of each compartment, if you wish.
This will cover up the seams in a decorative way.
Let Flash glue dry for at least an hour before using velvet
Lined jewelry box.
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