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How to Make a Rolled Ring Holder for a Jewelry Box

by:Merryshine     2019-10-29
Jewelry boxes are decorative storage containers for earrings, necklaces and rings.It can have compartments and drawers to help you sort out shiny things.However, if there is no buffer roll in the compartment of your ring, your ring will look confusing.
You can make a rolling ring stand for the existing jewelry box to help you keep the beautiful things handy.You can insert the strap part of each ring between the rolls so that you can see the stone or decorative part at a glance.Measure the compartments in the jewelry box where you want to save the ring.
Cut a piece of satin according to these sizes.Select several flexible foam wool rollers with the same diameter.Remove the fasteners from the end of the roller.
If the rollers are too long, cut them off with a large pair of scissors and fit them comfortably into the ring compartment.Install the rollers side by side in the ring compartment.Fill the entire compartment with a roller and install them comfortably.
They should be slightly mashed together, but don\'t come out of the box.Cut a piece of suede fabric of the same length as the roller.When the suede is wrapped outside, let it be wide enough to cover inches or less of overlap at the edge encounter.
Cut a piece of faux suede of the same size for each roller.Remove the roller from the ring compartment in the jewelry box.Wrap each roller in a piece of faux suede and stick it to the seam with fabric glue.
Apply a layer of glue along the seam on the outside of the suede.Press it along one edge of satin.Repeat the rest of the roller.Put them side by side on satin so they can press each other.When you put the satin on the bottom of the ring compartment, the rolls are pressed together slightly, and when you press the ring between them they provide resistance.
Set the combination of satin and roller into the ring compartment of the jewelry box.Now you are ready to tidy up your ring
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