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How to Do it Yourself: A Big Gift Box

by:Merryshine     2019-10-14
If you have a large gift that doesn\'t fit into a standard gift box, you may need to make it yourself.This is a fairly easy task if you have the right materials and a little patience.Decorate your gift box in a style that reflects the personality of the gift recipient.
Be creative.
Visit the big local-Box goods store or grocery store, the biggest box requested is there.This will be the basis for you to make unique gift boxes.Stick the box together with transparent packing tape.
The store often takes the boxes down, so you will most likely have to put them back together.Lay a tarp on your lawn and put the tape box on the tarp.Paint your box with white paint and use the scan action from the bottom of the box to the top.
Let the paint dry.
Fill the box with packaging fillers such as paper scraps.Put the gift on the filler.Seal the box.Wrapped in white wrapping paper, fixed with tape.Decorate the exterior of the box with paint pens, flash glue pens, manufacturers and other decorations.
Be creative.
Top with a bow or bow.
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