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how to clean and shine sterling silver jewelry without dulling it

by:Merryshine     2019-12-14
Sterling silver jewelry is easy to change color and fade.
Light and air exposure can lead to shine, but the same is true for oil on your skin or other chemicals in silver contact.
Silver is a soft metal and therefore must be cleaned carefully to prevent scratches and fading on the surface.
With proper cleaning and polishing, sterling restored the gloss and gloss.
Proper storage helps prevent it from being further tarnished when you don\'t wear it.
Rub gentle dish soap on the surface of sterling silver jewelry with your fingers.
For stubborn dirt, rub soap with a piece of jewelry to clean the felt or cloth.
Wash the soap off the silver with cold water.
Continue to rinse until the water beads on the silver surface go up, indicating that the soap is completely removed.
Wipe a small amount of silver detergent or nonggle toothpaste on a severely damaged area with a cleaning cloth.
Polish off the gloss with a cloth, then rinse the cleaner or toothpaste from the silver surface.
Dry the silver with cloth.
Use circular motion to help illuminate the silver sheet when you rub.
Wrap silver jewelry with a soft piece of cloth or felt.
Place it in a closed box where it will not be exposed to light and air to prevent further discoloration.
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