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How to Clean and Restore an Old Rustic Wooden Box

by:Merryshine     2019-10-28
The charm, nostalgia and clever recycling of the countryside come together in the inherent potential of the old country wooden box.The practical crate has undergone some heavy use and has become a new body for your home decoration.It’s a win-win;You keep them away from the landfill and they keep loose objects from messing up or losing your house.Even the most rhythmicUp box will have some parts worth saving;The best boxes only need to be scrubbed quickly to get ready for their new characters.Wooden cases specially designed for transportation were smashed, cracked, dusty, dirty and dirty.Wipe them to remove dirt, spills or powder chemicals and use media-and fine-Clear the sandpaper of any rough part.Check the loose board and reinforce any weak links with metal brackets or wood glue and clips.Scrubbing or light sanding can remove marks and stains, but wood stains--Traditional or coloredtinted --Or cover up the flaws with paint.One or two flax seed oil can protect the box by eliminating the mismatched wood tones.Alternatively, the transparent paint or polyurethane provides a strong protective coating with some moistureProofing and simple wipingdown surface.Look for old wooden cases in country green market and city flea market with full color labels on them.Shipping Boxes for fruits, tea, cigars, cola and other consumer goods may still have vintage labels as advertisements and now look like posters that forget time.Carefully clean, repair any tears or puncture with school glue and spray or spray paint with at least two layers of transparent polyurethane to protect them.Then determine the storage items for the kitchen or pantry where everyone can accommodate and build a frame to accommodate the boxEach drawer has its own small room with labels facing out.Your recycling storage unit is a visual art work and a solid home for cleaning supplies, baking cookers, stored food cans or other necessities.It is a job to use a slate of butcher blocks to top the unit to form a harmonious mix of woodsStorage area and vivid decoration.Mix and match saleable items from a variety of old wooden boxes to display custom cabinets for the kitchen or dining room.Carefully remove undamaged panels from discarded wine, soda or farm produce crates and save these pieces with interesting stamping designs or typography.Re-assemble these pieces into open shelves with compartments to accommodate individual cups, glasses, spice containers, or other similar objects.Make a plate frame with vertical pin and short forming length to prevent the plate from sliding out.Use most or completely intact boxes as the basis for racks and experiments, place the most interesting recycling panels, and once the items are mounted on the wall, the design above will be visible or placed on the counterWhen you turn the old country box into a eclectic decoration, wipe it and use the least amount of sand and don\'t make a fuss about them.Add the casters to the bottom of the fruit box for rolling storage, which contains children\'s building blocks in the playroom or rain boots in the hallway.Arrange a series of crates along the walls on a table or sofa so that the shelf system can accommodate photos, collectibles, office supplies or light electronics and Chargers.Clean, support, and remove stacksSplit the box for the casual bookcase on a niche or bare wall;Fix a tall building on the wall with a bracket to prevent you from turning over the wall of the library at will.
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