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How about the Merryshine wholesale sterling silver jewelry rejection rate?
The rejection rate of Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd jewelry is fairly low in the marketplace. Before shipment, we'll examine the quality of every product to guarantee its zero defect. Once our customers receive second-best product or experience the quality issue, our after-sales team are always ready to solve the problems for you.

As an expert in manufacturing charm necklace, Merryshine. is a company that continuously innovates and carries out developing activities independently. Merryshine is mainly engaged in the business of sterling silver charms and other product series. The manufacturing process of Merryshine jewelry proceeds as follows: the procurement of raw materials, parts and components processing, plating and anodizing, complete mechanical assembly, and testing. It is suitable for daily wearing or special occasion. As our QC experts strictly control the quality throughout the whole production process, the quality of the product can be fully guaranteed. Completely free of toxic chemicals, the product is suitable for pregnant women.

The permanent goal of we. is to create top brands in the world sterling silver jewelry sets industry. Contact!
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