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from deli to donuts

by:Merryshine     2019-12-17
I enjoyed my shopping this week.
Discover some real neighborhood gems, a great fashion place, a humble sports souvenir shop, and re-visit a favorite food party.
San Remo Bakery: San Remo is synonymous with fresh baked goods and is synonymous with awesome hot dining tables, Delicious Deli, freshly baked bread and delicious, generous ice cream.
This place must be one of the most popular bakeries in the world.
Good photo of John Catucci, you have to eat here!
Fame on the wall (
He did a part in San Remo. .
There is also a new addition to its deli. Take-out or eat-in —
Both inside and outside
Great experience.
What you really want to eat is an incredible donut!
Very delicious.
The selection is very rich and has unusual tastes (
Like maple bacon)
They also have a fresh layer of Yum on their lemon crust.
About $14 a dozen.
But two doughnuts can be fed generously.
If you want to share).
Between traditional cakes and pastries, ice cream (
Request a service in fresh and warm brioche
You will taste the taste of heaven.
There are a lot of delicious things.
Especially the hot table.
And you can\'t beat the people watching the game.
A & R Collection: nearby, I found A shop neatly packed with all sorts of awesome sporting memorabilia and collectibles (
Jerseys, statues, many spools)
Not to mention those signed photos.
I like vintage postcards and the price is very good.
Behind is a neat sketch of Babe Ruth, plus I found the card for Doug Gilmore (
I interviewed him a few years ago)
And Wayne Gray. Plus —
Coins, a lot, pile up waiting for classification.
Great place to spend time, especially if you are looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift.
Joseph tassoni and LAPARKA: Just recently, I visited an amazing female fashion warehouse sale in the West --
End and love all the gorgeous costumes at incredible prices (
Don\'t worry if you miss
There will be another sale soon).
While there, I was admiring that this one was marked down-
Coats and coats.
They have a wide range of styles, colors and sizes including the plus in the middle
Length to length.
What excites me is that they have a special \"fit technology\" design --
Due to the clever design of the add-on, the part of the hips and waist is different, which allows the coat to hang well without expanding on the area. Best —
The coats were made in Canada and were actually in the hotel I visited.
During my visit I observed a handsome young man happily helping the woman to try on the coat and I finally stopped to ask who he was.
It turned out to be Laparka\'s chief designer, Ryerson grad, Joseph Tassoni, a native of Oakville.
Tarsoni is very young, but it is already very good.
Experienced in design: he has a number of positions in fashion design, production and marketing positions, including in Joseph Myram and Assoc.
On 2014, Tassoni teamed up with the 11 th floor clothing company to bring back the iconic classic Laparka brand --
But the design aesthetics of the function and update.
The invention of \"Laparka Fit technology\" is Tassoni --
\"So, if your figure is slightly fuller in the center, 1-per coat\'s chest or hip is allowed-
\"We were a little relaxed, but then we hid the extension in front,\" Joseph said, adding, \"We were made in Canada 100%, in the office of 100 Ronson Dr.
\"Fortunately, I met such an elegant young man whose work proved his passion for design.
Ordinary available in Laparka (XS-XL)and plus size (x-4x)
Available online in Laparka.
Ca, where you can also find the store locator.
Laparka is also engaged in sports.
This place is amazing.
Your big sister\'s wardrobe is a large size clothing store suitable for No. 12 fashionistas.
Owner Karen Ward\'s idea (
Unfortunately, it\'s hard for a fashion lover to find fab, plus clothes in size)
There are beautiful clothes in the store, neatly arranged in the casual, smart business, formal part.
Tops, pants, skirts, jackets, swimsuits, and more.
Special love for elegant summer costumes and party costumes!
Lots of great jewelry and accessories are on display.
Very good price
The goods found were only $15.
Karen is the name of the popular blog Curvy canada, whose blogs and shops are dedicated to inspiring queen-size women around the world to \"reach their full potential \".
\"Shopping online, too.
Petit mode: My sisters and I are at Humbertown Square-
They have not returned to this place for more than 25 years.
We met a new shop in the interior part of the square, Petit Mode, the home of the most amazing and elegant children\'s wear in France and Italy.
Party dresses and formal attire are available in new and above sizes (
Think about Christening clothes)
Tops, trousers, jackets, socks and hats.
We roll and roll on this tiny, perfect item.
Every piece is very delicate.
Because the quality of the goods is very good, the price is very high.
From 100% cotton to silk to linen
Petit mode provides all this.
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