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by:Merryshine     2019-10-25
The rope bag is one of the sewing items that can go beyond all purpose.You can use them for small objects, such as the seasonal colored glass stones you fill in the vase.You can use them as gift bags for bottles, small jewelry boxes or gifts of any size.You can make them for decorative items in your home or bathroom.
No matter what the reason you sew the rope bag, you will find it very simple to make the rope bag.The structure is simple and you can easily modify your size, fabric and rope to make a wide variety of rope bags.
So, decide the size of your bag first.Do you want a bottle?Small?
Then pick out your fabric.You need more than twice the size of your bag.So if your bag is 12 \"by 5\" then the fabric you want is at least 24 \"plus 1 1/2\" by 5 \"plus 1 \".
You will also need some rope, ribbon or anything you plan to use to pull the rope.You need the diameter of your bag plus at least 8 \\\".In the example above, I am making a 5 \\ \"wide bag, so the diameter is 10 \\\".I need 10 \"plus 8\" wires.
Once you have the size, wires and fabric, follow the simple steps belowby-Steps to learn how to sew a rope bag are described below...Within a few minutes (a few minutes yes )!
1.Cut the fabric so that the length is twice the length of the finished product, plus 1 1/2 \\\".
Example: the finished product width of my package is 12 \\\".So I will cut my fabric into 24 \"plus 1 1/2\" long...25 1/2\\\".
2.Cut the fabric so that the width adds 1/2 \\ \"to the width of the finished product \\\".
Example: the finished product width of my package is 5 \\\".So I will cut my fabric to 5 \"plus 1/2\" wide...5 1/2\\\".
3.Stitch with Serge or lock edges on the unprocessed edges.If you don\'t have a lock needle, you can sew a circleStitch along your original edge.
4.Fold the fabric in half...Right side together...Face the wrong side...Align the original edge and the original top edge.The folded edge will be the bottom of your bag.
5.If necessary, you can press the pin.
6.On one side, sew along the edge with a 1/4 seam.Be sure to sew back at the beginning and end of the stitch to lock the stitch.
7.Measure another original side edge 3/4 \\ \"down and mark it with a pin.
8.Sew a 1/4 \"seam on the other side...But this time it was parked at the pin.Be sure to sew back at the beginning and end of the stitch to lock the stitch.
9.Fold down the original edge a 1/4 \\ \"at the top and press.
10.Fold the top edge 1/2 \\ \"down again and press.The folded edges created in step 9 should be aligned with the tags created in step 7.
11.Starting with the marks made in step 7, stitch around the bag near the fold edge created in step 9.This will create pockets for your lanyard.
12.Turn the bag right and press it.
13.Slide the rope through your pocket.You might want to use some wires and safety pins to help pull the wires out of your pocket.
And your done!The Lala rope closes the opening and ties it tightly.
Once you have the basics, the possibilities are endless.You can sew sequins and beads on the fabric.So the edge of the top edge.Stick together the glittering snowflakes..Hand stitch design, cut the shape of the fabric, press them on the bag with web adhesive.Make the fabric with crazy quilt technology or simple patchwork style.Use high-end fabrics such as silk, velvet or lace.
A rope bag is very easy to make.It\'s interesting to design it yourself.Take the time on the details and you will sew the rope bag all the time.
The most important thing is..have fun!
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