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exotic wood jewelry boxes

by:Merryshine     2019-10-27
Exotic timber jewelry boxes are called exotic for various reasons.
For example, what type of wood they are made of, where the wood comes from, how difficult it is to obtain the wood, and the type of product that can be produced from this foreign Wood.
In most cases, exotic wood is used to decorate wood chips and mosaics.
What I want to say today is an exotic wood called Bubinga, which is considered exotic because it was originally discovered mainly in West Africa and is mainly used to make musical instruments.
The plant name of Bubinga is Guibourtia Demeusei, also known as African redwood because of its origin and deep red color.
Bubinga is a hardwood floor for a variety of uses such as carpentry, furniture and paneling.
Also used for handle and quality goods.
One of my favorite apps for this exotic hardwood floor is the quality jewelry box.
This hardwood floor is easily machined with hand or electric tools, stains are easily removed and can be done well to create a magnificent piece.
While Bubinga works very easily in its original nature and is moderately durable, it is well known to be vulnerable to common furniture beetles, and the oozing of glue pockets can be cumbersome when glued.
Having said that, I don\'t know what better hardwood floors can make high quality jewelry boxes in addition to Bubinga wood.
In their finest exotic wood jewelry box.
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