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Easy Gift Box Tutorial: Make Your Own Custom Gift Boxes

by:Merryshine     2019-10-16
If you want to learn how to make your own DIY gift box, you have come to the right center.I\'m talking about the cute, good quality gift boxes that you bought in the store, and you can also make gift boxes of different sizes.It may look hard to make your own gift box, right?At least that\'s what I always thought.
Recently, I realized that the gift box is actually easy to do.With just a little grading, folding, cutting and bonding, you can make 2 cards into a nice and neat custom gift box as a perfect gift.The best thing about DIY gift boxes is that you can pick the color you like and print it out.
Another thing you can do is punch a shaped border on the lid of the box, or decorate it with decoration.This is an interesting and simple paper craft that can be done by almost anyone.In this tutorial, we will make a box of 4x4x4 inch.
X-STEP 1-Measure your stock of 12x12 inch cards so you can rate them.of your box.Turn the paper over to the back, or if it\'s a double-sided print card in stock, make sure the print is facing down outside the box.Take the card inventory and ruler and line up at the edge of the paper.
Mark a small point at 4 inch and another small point at 8 inch.Then go for a quarter and Mark 4 inch and 8 inch again and move on until you mark all sides of the card inventory.of your box.This one will be slightly different as the top of the box needs to be a bit larger so it can be placed at the bottom.
Mark points at 4 inch and then at 8 1/8.
Now, use this measurement to do points on the other 3 sides of the card inventory.STEP 2 -We have to take the order now.Take the paper that will be the bottom of your box, pick up the ruler and align with the points you make on one side of the card.Make sure the ruler has two points arranged on the 4 inch mark and scores.
You score with a stylus or scoring tool, press a little and move down the edge of the ruler.Don\'t put too much pressure on it..You just want to make a dent on it so you can fold it easily.After you do this for 4 inch and 8 inch points, give the newspaper another quarter, rearrange the ruler on the dots, and then rate the side at 4 inch and 8 inch.
Once you score, you can put it aside.
of your box.
Like you did on it.
Align the ruler on one side of the paper with 4 inch points and 81/8 points, and score points on both points, turn pages in a quarter of an hour, align these points with a ruler, and then score again at 4 inch and 8 1/8.It should be done now!Take down both sheets of paper and fold them all over the score.STEP 3-It\'s time to cut the cracks in the card library so you can form the box.
According to the chart on the right, your box and the cut.Just cut along the score line and stop when you get to the score line.of your box.Use Guidelines to cut card inventory.You can use scissors, or you can use a ruler and x-acto knife.
STEP 5-You should now have a stock of 12x12 cards that have been cut and ready for glue.Part of your boxThe flaps are then folded and glued to the side of the box...Please see the illustration.sheets.If you want the lid to cover only the top or middle of the box (not the entire bottom of the box), you have to trim 1 to 1.
Before gluing/folding the top together, 5 inch from the edge of the card seat.When you trim the inch, draw a line using a paper cutter or ruler and cut it on this line.It is important to trim accurately, otherwise it will show up when you assemble the lid.
Either way, glue and fold together to form the top, just like you do the bottom.Look at the illustrations again if you need them.Once you stick everything together and put it on, you\'re done!!Do you want to make gift boxes of other sizes?You make them with the same steps as above, but depending on the size of the box, you will start with a different paper size and the scoring criteria for each paper size are different.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful in the next few years.Have fun and make your own gift box!
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