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dreading the school candy sale? there are lots of alternatives, including selling trash bags

by:Merryshine     2019-11-18
When Beth Hendrickson first offered to sell garbage bags instead of candy as a school fundraiser, \"People laughed at us.
\"They stopped laughing.
Hendrickson, St.
An Parish School in Ky Morgan field.
The school says it earns $20,000 a year to sell garbage bags.
It\'s not just the parents of the school\'s 230 students who buy these things.
Local corporate and government offices in Morgan field
Population 3,500-
Also buy garbage bags from school.
\"No one needs candy,\" Hendrickson said . \"
\"But garbage bags-
This is what everyone needs.
\"Selling garbage bags through bags for US dollars is just an option for candy --and-
Every fall, gift packaging sales are held in many communities when school fundraising efforts resume.
Some PTAs are walking higher.
Technology, using online platforms to collect and process donations, sell digital images of children\'s artwork on coffee cups or magnets, and host scavenger hunting where cell phone photos collect clues.
Some school groups have completely stopped selling products, but instead encouraged parents to simply write checks.
But others, like Hendrickson, are trying to sell unusual products.
Garbage bags were popular and when a company called Amadora asked Hendrickson about selling sheets, she tried it.
In the first year, the school sold about $16,000 worth of paper to fund new classroom technology.
Paper sales fell to $9,000 last year
After all, how many sheets a small school family needs
But the company has launched new prints this year, so Hendricksen will launch again.
However, not all schools have succeeded in alternative products.
It is located at Porter Road Primary School in Framingham, Massachusetts.
Try to sell organic food and items made of recycled materials through a company called Greenraising.
Nancy Novo O\'Connor
Chairman of the parents-
The teacher organization says Greenraising is a good supplier, but organic products \"don\'t raise more money like traditional chocolate and wrapping paper sales\", so they are looking for previous suppliers again
Some schools have completely canceled catalog sales and instead asked parents to donate directly.
Allison Olsen, former chairman of the sleeping Hollow PTA at the Va Falls Church.
Parents are working in so many families, she says, and people just don\'t have time to \"go out and let their children sell \".
When wrapping paper and candy come in, the school can\'t have volunteers sit there and sort.
\"Another reason to reduce catalog sales is that schools keep only part of their sales --
According to the Fund Association, the average is 42
Improve dealers and suppliers.
A letter to Sleepy Hollow parents explains the shift, noting that \"the exciting part of this fundraising project is that 100 of what you donate is used to support the PTA program (
Not like before, 50)
And it\'s tax free!
\"But there\'s one product that Olivier wants the school to continue selling: mug, T-
Shirts, bags and tricycles with images of children\'s art.
\"I like it because it has emotional value,\" says Oleson . \"
\"They did it before Mother\'s Day and the children can be proud of it.
Some parent organizations now accept online donations.
But this involves the third one.
Party sites that charge money handling raised the question: if a supporter can click on the link in the email to donate via a credit card, will it be easier than writing a check, or these costs would hurt lineMichael Nilsen, a spokesman for the Fundraising Professionals Association, saying there is no clear answer, but the best way might be to \"mix\", like a letter that physically sends home, you can choose to post back, followed by an email reminder with an online payment option.
He added that because online sites charge different fees for a variety of services, the appropriate site depends on the needs of the group.
For example, PayPal takes 2.
2 percentage fees donated to a registered charity plus 30-
Therefore, PTA will receive $97 if parents donate $100. 50. Razoo. com charges 4.
As a result, PTA is only $95.
$100 on the day of the month, but Razoo is also easy to customize the website, social media integration, thank you
Tax and Tax Email confirmation-
Deductible DonationsMelissa Panszi-
Riebe, former PTA principal, Burroughs Community School, Minneapolis City, said Razoo helped the school raise $90,000, making it easy for 800 children to send out invitations and thanksyous for read-a-thon pledges.
\"People know that there is a percentage that is taken out and ask why we should donate online if we can check it directly ? \" Panszi-Riebe recalled.
\"We say you can still give a check if you\'re doing it more comfortably.
But because there\'sof-
State donors like grandparents, she thinks there are more people donating online than \"write checks, find stamps and mail them.
Many schools have tried it. and-
Real fundraising throughout the year
Whether it\'s on election day, concerts or parents, as long as there\'s a crowd in the school, baking sales and Raffles-teacher night.
More labor is needed for other activities: The Carnival needs volunteers for games and activities.
The auction requires the Commission to collect donations, follow up bids, arrange delivery and payment.
The annual treasure hunt at Alvarado Primary School in San Francisco
Tech spin: The team gets a list of leads and then uses the phone to shoot answers while searching the community.
The team paid to participate, but the majority of the money raised came from the donated corporate sponsors in exchange for their name to be attached to the event.
Beth Sperber organized various fundraising activities for three Manhattan public schools her son attended
From the sale of donated old books and CDs, baking sales and talent shows, to the sale of \"spiritual clothing --
Bag, hoodie, T-shirt
Shirts and other clothing printed with the name of the school.
She also held a jewelry sales event at home and the designer personally came to the door to provide unique items for $20 to $200 and then gave the school or more sales.
Judy Antell in Brooklyn, New YorkY.
She held three or four \"family gatherings\" for the high school where her three daughters attended \".
Since the parents of teenagers spend very little time at the children\'s school, the party is seen in part as a way for parents to socialize.
Tickets are $25 to $50 for parties in communities around the city on different nights.
Lorraine Esposito helped organize the annual rock night event to fund the youth center in Scottsdale, New York. Y.
Some parents there happened to work in the entertainment industry and won first place
Perform at a local stage bar.
Esposito said it is important to find a suitable theme, whether it is 4 hours
Country-style bazaar or ski night in a mountain town.
Esposito said that, like most fundraisers, the money raised is only part of it: \"It\'s really about building communities.
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