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Dos and Don\'ts of Choosing a Valentine\'s Day Gift for Men

by:Merryshine     2019-10-22
If you think you can give men and women the same gift on this romantic day, think again!All gift shops have obvious gifts such as flowers, teddy bears, mushy cards and lovely hearts --Shaped pillows don\'t mean these are standard gifts, especially for men!No red, pink or pinkshaped!We ask a few people to give their views on this topic.Almost all people do not want to receive any paste collection, chocolate, soft toys.While they do like useful gifts, alcohol, tickets to sporting events and homemade delicacies (not red, pink and heart-shaped)shaped).
There are a lot of things that seem very insensitive to men: they can\'t understand what\'s the big deal with remembering birthdays or anniversaries, or even Valentine\'s Day;Their interest in spending \"quality time\" with their partner has weakened, which only includes speaking, and instead they find it interesting to watch football matches.The list may continue, but let\'s stop complaining and start accepting the fact that men are always men!If you are in love long enough, then the relationship between man and woman is completely different, it will not be a breaking news for you!There\'s a reason books like men come from Mars, and John Gray\'s woman from Venus is the best --The books we sell today.While it is wrong to summarize all men\'s likes and dislikes, when we say: it will not be wrong!Even, when it comes to Valentine\'s Day, they don\'t mind receiving gifts as long as they avoid \"mushy\" giftslove-Useful and practical elements.
The basis on which you choose Valentine\'s Day gifts for your partner depends on a simple fact: like women, men don\'t need constant cute collectibles, flowers, and chocolates that remind you to love them.It\'s enough that you\'re by their side.Another thing to keep in mind is that Practicality dominates emotions in their lives.So, you need to think with your mind, your budget, and some way to align your heart with them.
Here we will brief you on the rules you must follow.: Some Points may raise your eyebrows;But know what men think!Ready for order-What if he wanted breakfast in bed from the beginning?So, yes, start the day with making their favorite breakfast and offer it to them in bed.He wouldn\'t mind some homemade food and sweets, but yes, we \'ve reminded you not to mind them --shaped.
It happens to be the first answer we get from many people, aren\'t they all gadget mad people?Latest iPhone, DSLR camera, smartwatch, PlayStation, laptop, tablet, even remote control --Control helicopters, cars, space robots, fighter tanks, etc.Who said men are not high?maintenance?The next one in the list is \"brand\" and \"expensive\" gifts.Options such as leather wallets, watches, shoes, designer sunglasses, perfumes, clothing and other accessories are the best.
However, let them make their own choices unless you really determine their taste.For example, one of the participants said he would like anything related to football and alcohol!Although people who like to read don\'t mind some interesting books as gifts.If he likes to camp or organize a barbecue grill, why not use the grill as a gift?This rule can not only help you hit the bull eye, but also make men feel that you are interested in their likes, which we think is a good sign.
The way to the man\'s heart is through his stomach!Another important thing to remember is to make your man feel appreciated and loved.Yes, some people do like your undivided attention.Based on the comments we received, most people don\'t mind an exclusive dinner made or arranged by their partner at their favorite restaurant.
Hence, the age-The old saying is true!\\ \"Please, oh, please keep it pink!Gift certificate, song dedication (however, as long as it is a small non-girly song).Anything that will let the girls go, Ah!\\ \", Said a man who gave us valuable opinions.We were surprised to find that most men were opposed to the gifts of red, pink and \"maiden.
Wow!Please do not collect cute and lovely collections!Women think that collectibles may be the safest option as a Valentine\'s Day gift, but they are wrong!One of the feedback we received said: \"I don\'t like soft toys, anything with heart --Shapes, bouquets, greeting cards, photo albums with photos of the time spent together, small pink objects that say \"always together\" and more.The stupid collection says, \"Miss Me\", \"Love Me \".I would like to have cake and chocolate but if they are not attentive --shaped.
Nowadays, they are popular among many couples.But we do feel a little bit about accepting personalized T-Shirt with messages of love, pictures and mushy words.Typical Valentine\'s DayIsh red/pink coffee cup with heart shape and photo frame is absolutely not OK.
No cards with long messages!Greeting cards and messages are OK as long as your message is simple, brief, sweet (we do see a few men open to that information ).Women often write the Bible on greeting cards (no offense ).Although it works well for them, people may think it\'s too much.
Then, seriously remember the expectations of each sentence: too much!Women don\'t understand what\'s going on with men against pink and Hearts --shaped gifts.In particular, it should not represent a heart when it comes to something edible;In any case, how important is the shape when it becomes a paste?Finally, little in-The House opinion we asked from male colleagues almost crossed out the \"ideal\" gift advertised on various websites this day.So, woman, keep all the souvenirs you want to see and give you all the practical items your man will use.
We would also like to add that the point here is based on the individual point of view.The choice of gifts is subjective and varies from person to person.If your relationship is new, you need to know more about his life and what kind of person he is.
Escape intimate messages and stay fun and brief.For those who are in love for a long time, we don\'t need to say much, or what?
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