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donald trump\'s tax returns and the empty jewelry box scam

by:Merryshine     2019-11-24
Donald Trump, one of the Republican presidential nominees, declined to release any income tax returns.
Is it a fair question to ask \"why?
\"Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasic both released version 1040 for several years.
Unfortunately, they did not post more than 1040 of the form itself.
For example, we don\'t see what charities they give or what business fees they may have deducted.
They are ashamed because the president and the presidential campaign team have issued complete, robust and complete tax returns that date back to the era of Richard Nixon.
But what\'s even more ridiculous is Trump\'s claim that he can\'t release his returns because they are \"being audited \".
\"It\'s an obstacle, there\'s no legal or tax justification, and there\'s no reason Trump can\'t publish tax returns for earlier years.
A good reason I don\'t think he will
Yes, I would love to see what charity he gave, but someone else has written this article effectively)
: Trump may seem a bit stupid at best, and at worst it may look like a tax evader.
All you have to do is look back at the 1986 \"empty jewelry box\" scam and see what I mean.
In 1986, empty jewelry boxes made a comeback, and it is likely that many years ago, Donald Trump colluded with Bulgari jewelry stores in New York to evade taxes.
End the luxury location with Tony\'s clients, from the rich and famous lifestyle.
The scam works like this: Trump will walk into the store with his wife, girlfriend, his girlfriend. . . whatever (
In his vernacular).
He will then buy her an expensive necklace or watch.
Normally, such a deal will face sales tax in New York City and State, which is quite high for luxury jewelry.
For illegal tax evasion, Trump \"asked\" stores to ship jewelry out of state, where New York sales tax could not be levied.
In fact, the store will only send an empty jewelry box to this place, and Trump and his female friends walked out the door with jewelry that day.
State and city tax collectors finally seized on the plan, and Trump immediately testified at the jewelry store to save his skin against his former partner of tax evasion collusion.
The trash can model empty box scam is just the most colorful example of Trump\'s history from legal tax avoidance to illegal tax evasion.
There are many other similar stories about his March story. a-
Local reporter Frank Cerabino is at Lago Manor in Florida.
The story of the first Palm Beach is very interesting.
Trump purchased the property from the property of breakfast cereal heiress MarjorieMerriweather Post.
He got it for $7 relative.
5 million, he boasted in the art of trading.
For years, however, he has refused to pay the local property tax, or $11, on the real value of the property.
When he bought it, 5 million
He tried two ways. -
Purchase the property at a substantial discount and pay the property tax in the following casesvaluedlevel.
Find a time to try with the property tax assessor in your town and see what he said.
What\'s on Donald Trump\'s tax return?
All of this begs the question: what is in Donald Trump\'s tax return that he is so eager to hide from the public?
Is he deducting money paid to his charity foundation?
Is he giving money to family planning?
Is he a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation?
If all of this is not considered, I might suggest that the answer is more trivial ---
He may be doing Donald Trump who is equivalent to deducting the value of his old underwear donated to charity (
Did something on Clinton\'s tax return).
For example, we found out today that he claimed that he applied for a $300 property tax credit at his penthouse in Trump Tower.
Like this one, Donald Trump\'s tax mystery is likely to be smaller than it seems.
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