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Does Merryshine has product showroom?
Product samples can be found in Merryshine Jewelry Co., Ltd. We are a quality "showroom" of chime ball necklace" . You are welcome to visit us to find out about each marketable product. You may receive a sample of the product. Every year, we display these items in several exhibitions at home and abroad. Seize the opportunity!

Established as a manufacturing company, Merryshine. mainly specializes in the researching, developing, manufacturing, and exporting of pearl cage necklace sterling silver. The aromatherapy necklace series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Merryshine sterling silver cross necklace has undergone a series of tests. These tests are strictly conducted in the aspects of statics, dynamics, the strength of materials, vibrations, reliability, and fatigue. The product is able to reveal the health condition of the wearer. The internal R&D capability and efficiency of Merryshine. are impressive. Completely free of toxic chemicals, the product is suitable for pregnant women.

In today's global competition, we's vision is to become a globally famous harmony ball necklace brand. Check it!
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