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DIY Jewelry Organizer

by:Merryshine     2019-10-16

My jewelry box is in a mess.My hanging earrings are entangled with my bracelet.jewelry piece.When I want it, I can never find what I want or my earrings.It\\\'s awful.Too bad I don\'t even use my jewelry box anymore.It just looks pretty sitting on my dresser (outside.As a result, I lost or misplaced most of my jewelry because I didn\'t put it in the medicine cabinet, nor on the dresser, nor on the table.My jewelry is homeless.When I was in college, even though I was moving every three months, I never lost any jewelry and I didn\'t even have a jewelry box!How is this possible???I have a nice little jewelry organizer in Claire\'s and I can hang anywhere in the dorm.\"S\" has a grid panel to hook earrings and pins.Then below is a bunch of small hooks where I can hand my bracelets and necklaces.It works very well.Then when I graduate I want something more \"complicated\" because, you know, I\'m like an \"adult\"Now or whatever--So I threw out my \"S\" jewelry organizer and chose a jewelry box.Now I\'m moving to a place where my little family is finally ready to take root and I want to do something different.No more jewelry boxes tangled monsters no more orphan earrings I want to organize I want orders-I want to wear earrings again and don\'t sit there and cry for 5 minutes because I can\'t find the earrings I want (my husband is also grateful for the last one, haha ).So, this is my journey to find the perfect jewelry organizer and instructions on how to make your own jewelry!Many of these ideas are interchanged and can be easily customized and adjusted according to the material you want to use or have.So be creative and design what works best for you!Here are some other ways you can make jewelry organizers with wire hangers.Wrap the wires around the curved wire hanger shape to create strips for hanging earrings and necklaces.Attach the safety pin to the wire hanger and hook the necklace, bracelet and even the ear ring on it.Bend the wire shape, leave traces on felt fabrics or other materials, cut the shape, and then glue it on the hanger with heat.Stick rows of lace to the shape of the wire hanger..It is best for people with lots of earrings and pins.Bending your metal hanger into the shape you want, or keeping it in the shape of the hanger, but making it another shape will give you more space to hang the jewelry.Before bending, try to decide the shape you want so that your hanger doesn\'t get cluttered by re-bendingbending.Cut the leg of the sock, pull the hanger over and bring it to the hook.Adjust the block if needed.Fix the socks to the bottom of the hook with tape or rubber band.Cut off the extra socks, leave only a little extra, and then stick the extra part to the tape or rubber band to hide it with hot glue.Wrap the extra socks or ribbons around the hook if you want.Hook the paper clip at the bottom of the work and bend it into a hook if needed.Keep it as it is or decorate it with paint, ribbons and decorations.A few cute little gift boxes my mom gave me.I didn\'t do a lot of stuff that could be put in small boxes, so they sat there all the time.I \'ve seen a lot of jewelry organizers use compartments to organize things, so I put this lovely organizer together.You can create a compartment jewelry box or organizer by folding origami or folding cartons and use the gift box above.The good thing about this is that you can make your cartons any size you need and decorate them as you want them;Either buy the paper in the print you want, draw the design you want, or print the design you want.If you don\'t want origami, find the box template to use.I also have a very simple box template that you can edit to create the size and size you need.When pieced together, cover the box with Diamond Glaze to make it shiny and make it more durable.If you have been looking for new ways to organize your jewelry, there is no doubt that you will find a lot of changes in the big photo frames on the wall, with pins, thread sticks, or hanging jewelry with lace fabrics.I don\'t have a big photo frame to use (and there\'s no reason to hang anything on the wall because I\'m moving), but I do have a small photo frame, my husband and I received a gift as a gift for our wedding and never added pictures to it (we haven\'t printed any pictures yet ).So this is what I think about the photo frame organizer.I was so excited to try this tissue roll rack and I was saving the roll paper even before I decided to make this hub...!Argh!One of the most frustrating things about using recycled materials is that before you put it together, everyone thinks it\'s garbage.Anyway, I thought it was such a neat project and I had to share it, so here\'s a great video tutorial on how to combine it.This is a pattern of travel jewelry organizers that you can carry with you.If you prefer to knit or sew, I am sure you can also knit or sew.All you need to do is create the compartment and make sure everything is uniform so it folds well.This is a very simple design that can be modified or changed in any way you want.You can also change your pocket and extra parts to your liking.If you have a lot of necklaces, you may want to include more links.If you have more earrings or bracelets, you may want more pockets.If you don\'t wear a ring, there is no reason to include the ring strap.If you are concerned about the safety of your parts, use the zipper to secure the button instead of the button.Skip the buttons and side flaps if you\'re not too worried about things happening.My design is just a guide to help you create the perfect custom work.Hook US H8/5.1.HDC in the second chain starting with Hook, tail row, fork and turn.2 -13.The HDC goes through, ch 1, and turns every pin.14.The HDC goes through, ch 2, and turns every pin.You have finished the first panel and it can\'t see it at all when the bag is closed.You can change the color if you want a second panel or go ahead.If this helps you decide if you want to change the color, the second panel will appear in front of the closed organizer, which is the big flip button.15.Go through DC, ch 1 and turn in each shot.16 -29.The HDC goes through, ch 1, and turns every pin.30.The HDC goes through, ch 2, and turns every pin.31.Go through DC, ch 1 and turn in each shot.You have finished the second panel and now go to the third one.The third panel will be seen at the back and the side flap button will be there.So, decide if you want to change the color.32 -45.The HDC goes through, ch 1, and turns every pin.46.This is the third group.Ch 2 and turn to continue working on the large flaps or turn off and switch colors if needed.1.Go through DC, ch 1 and turn in each shot.2 -4.The HDC goes through, through, and turns in each stitch.5.HDC-2-TOG, HDC 26, HDC-2-TOG, dealer and turn.6.HDC-2-HDC-24, HDC-2-TOG, ch 1 and turn.7.8.HDC-2-TOG, HDC-2-TOG, HDC 18, HDC-2-TOG, HDC-2-9.HDC-2-TOG, HDC 18, HDC-2-TOG, ch 1 and turn.10.HDC goes through and off.Sew a button on the back of the second panel to secure the large flap.1.Start at the bottom of the first DC line in the second panel, start at DC 16 down the side, and end at the bottom of the second DC line.Ch 1 and turn.2 -3.HDC is in the next row.Ch 1 and turn.4.SC 7 needle, ch 2, two after skipping, SC 7 needle, turn.(14) (this will create a button hole to skip this step if the button is not used.5.HDC down row, turn.6.Turn HDC down, close and fasten.Repeat on the other side.Sew two buttons on the back of the third panel to let the side flap button in.Weave and add borders at the end if you want.If the small piece you\'re afraid of might be stuck in a crochet knit material, or slip through it, like a small earring, it might be better to make a pocket with fabric.Felt fabric is very easy to match and goes well with the crochet (I often use it to add details to my crochet hat ).To make the pockets, I cut the pockets twice the size and fold them in half and sew them down.Then I sewed my pocket together.I sew the inside facing pocket to make sure nothing slips out of the side (although there are already side flaps to prevent this from happening ).I decided not to add the button because I thought the pocket would be safe enough without the button, but you could add the button, snap, zip or whatever you like.You can also decorate and decorate your pockets to make them very beautiful.You can even tag your pocket so you know where to go.Since this is just an experimental prototype/demo, I just keep it simple.Crochet pocket is another way to add pocket if you want.I hook directly on my work and hook up a panel a little shorter than the panel it connects.Then I sew the sides down and sew them up with a needle where I want to separate my pocket.To keep things safe, I put my pocket in again.I didn\'t add the button again either, but you can do whatever you want.You can tie your necklaces on these rings so as not to get them wrapped together.Again, you can use fabric or crochet.To sew them on, I cut some fabric and then sew the ring to the side of the panel.For the loop of my crochet, I just lock the 10 pins on the panel and stitch, secure and knit at my end.If you have a necklace that is not fastened, you can open the label using velcro bars or buttons.Or you can sew the center of the ribbon to the panel and sew the tail out so you can tie the necklace in.Be creative.You can slide the ring or anything round on it.It could be a fabric band, but I hooked up a band in this case.1.SC in the second loop that starts with the hook and end line, fork, and turn.2.SC opposite, ch 1 and turn.3.SC 2, ch 2, the rest of the SC line, ch 1, and turn.4.Cross, fasten, weave at the end.Sew the end of the button on the panel and on the button.Design and customize your favorite portable organizer!You can add designs, decorations, straps, who knows what else!When I was doing it, I realized that the design could also be changed to make a lovely wallet or wallet, so it was fun to try and change the pattern to create new things!If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.I know I want to do something similar for this center.Unfortunately, due to the crazy movement of the project, I had to wait until I settled in my new home.However, I did come across a very good video tutorial on how to make a fabric storage box, which I posted on the right.I think the video is doing a good job and the only thing I would like to add is how to make the compartments to organize and organize things.So here\'s a quick tutorial on how to make compartments for boxes of any size (or shape) if you want to try!).In fact, this is how my mom stores Christmas decorations, so there are a lot of different uses for this.--It sounds exactly the same.Take a branch from the outside, with many small branches on it, stick it in the vase, and Hang jewelry from the branch.Dress up your branches by painting, painting, or bombing of yarn.--Hang the shower curtain hook on the tie rod or bar, and hang separate jewelry on each hook.--If you have an old metal cheese grinder (with four)Or meet one at a thrift store or yard sale where you can re-Make it into a jewelry rack for earrings.Just stand up and hang your earrings on the grate!--Personally, I think it looks best to use cardboard egg boxes.Decorate an egg box no matter what you like and use a separate egg box to sort out your jewelry.--Sort out your jewelry with a pushpin on a cork board.--Twist the small hook onto the wooden hanger and hang the jewelry from the hanger.--Anything you can add hooks, nails or folds can be turned into a jewelry rack or organizer.You can even organize your jewelry directly on the wall.--Craft shops sell many small wooden cases that you can customize.Use them and the ideas I posted here to customize your own jewelry box.--Take a plastic toy or statue and paint it or paint it.Then hang the jewelry on it.Add hooks if needed.--or animals.You can create a character for each type of jewelry!--The idea came from Icbenefield.Place earrings and pins in separate ice compartments in the ice tray and stack them up.Place individual parts in your own space and it\'s easy to find them later!Thanks, Icbenefield!.Not all the pins I posted were specifically for jewelry, but at least inspired me to come up with the idea that I could create a jewelry organizer.
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