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diy (recycling): watch/ bracelet holder

by:Merryshine     2019-11-01
Hello All!
This is the first time I have done Instructure, so I hope this is understandable and you guys like it too!
So, the idea comes from the fact that my boyfriend has a lot of watches and they don\'t look so good, just scattered on some shelves!
This process is very simple and takes no time (only an hour)and cheap!
The results were great-
Strong, beautiful, commensurate!
Hold the watch perfectly.
This watch/bracelet holder you need: 1)
Two cardboard tubes (
I bought the kitchen towels I used)2)
1 empty toothpaste tube (
The kind of plastic)3)Good tape4)
Old cloth or paper of your choice (
This is the pipe! )5)
Old magazines or newspapers (
Fill the inside of the cardboard tube to make them sturdy and durable! )6)Scissors7)Sharpie8)
If covered with cloth, needle and thread! (
Need some sewing)
Like to do this!
XoFor this step, all you need to do is: tape the two cardboard tubes together, place the bottom of the toothpaste tube on the connected cardboard tube and use sharpie draw (
So you know how big a hole you need to dig).
Cut out the circle and insert the plastic toothpaste tube into the connected cardboard tube.
After you do this, tape the whole thing together to achieve this: now you want to fill both sides of the cardboard tube with pages from old magazines or newspapers.
Like this: as simple as the title says!
This can be the longest step/a bit difficult if you\'re sewing the cover.
It may be easier if you choose to use paper!
Once you have everything covered, it should be like this: last step: try it! ! !
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