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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

by:Merryshine     2019-10-24
Wear a diamond tennis bracelet and you don\'t need to be Serena Williams or Martina Hingis.Leave the court with your bracelet with style and grade.For all diamond tennis bracelet lovers, you can thank Chris Evert.
Tennis Bracelets became popular or known when Chris Evert lost herGive a diamond bracelet at 1987 U.S. Open.She asked to suspend the competition until she found the bracelet.That\'s how we got the diamond \"tennis\" bracelet.
More and more tennis players are now wearing bracelets in competitions such as Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams.Diamond is the best friend of a woman.So why shouldn\'t a woman decorate herself with beautiful diamonds on her slender wrist?Diamond tennis bracelet is the best way to beautify yourself, not too dazzling.But won\'t the bracelet distract when playing tennis?Wouldn\'t a delicate bracelet be in danger of falling off or breaking off?After all, this is the problem Chris Evert is facing and the reason for the popularity of bracelets.
The size of the bracelet must be consistent with the circumference of the wearer\'s wrist, which is important.If the bracelet is loose, it has the potential to fall or fall off your wrist.Also, if the bracelet is too tight, it is possible to break when worn.
Therefore, measurement is the most important.The clasp and fixtures of the bracelet should also be appropriate.After all, if you pay a lot of money for a row of high-quality diamonds, you don\'t want to lose it because it\'s not safe enough on your wrist.
The design of this bracelet is very simple and elegant.A row of high-quality diamonds inlaid in gold, platinum or platinum, interspersed with precious metal strips.The diamond is pasted in the prong style.This is the most popular style, but this style has evolved over the years.
While the name suggests that these diamond bracelets are worn in tennis, the opposite is true.This bracelet is not suitable for tennis.This bracelet is more suitable for cocktail parties, opera nights or elegant brunch at the Country Club.Few women are able to wear such expensive jewelry in tennis, where bracelets can be lost due to damage.
You can even innovate with your bracelet.
If you have two bracelets as well as with S-Shape the link and then you can convert the bracelet into an elegant necklace.Not versatile!You can do a lot of things with this timeless piece of jewelry.Dress it up at night with that little black dress or dress it up with a classic white shirt during the day.
A small bracelet with many uses.
It\'s worth the price, isn\'t it?.
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