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designer flaunted his fabulous fakes

by:Merryshine     2019-11-19
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 11/6/2018 (370 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
It\'s a big fake, but you know it now.
Fake news, fake Facebook accounts, fake product reviews, Fake Love, fake hair, fake body parts. . .
Fake built its own small universe there.
So it makes sense that Kenneth Jay Lane is hotter than ever before.
Ryan is a jewelry designer whose gorgeous work is for the arms, neck and earlobe of famous fashion women from Jackie Kennedy to Rihanna and gwynys Paltrow
If you want to be real, or from Barbara Bush to Beyonce
Died last year at the age of 85.
He made no secret. so-bitter end.
Rhode Island Institute of Design Lane is the most popular fashion and jewelry designer in the fashion industry
Trained designer, imagine his work with an artist\'s vision, talent for color, and unapologetic love for gorgeous artificial stones.
The bigger the better.
\"He emphasizes that he has never used any real stone,\" said Victoria Tudor, an Art Deco expert at Christie\'s.
\"It\'s all fake.
This should be the case.
\"In New York next week, Christie\'s will auction Lane\'s legacy, including the contents of his Grand Park Avenue apartment and the pieces in the jewelry Archive, Wednesday, the auction house held a preview of selected jewelry at Space 519 in Chicago, a fashion and lifestyle boutique with more and more followers.
In the preview, potential buyers display exquisite waterfall necklaces and finger gems
Inlaid earrings displayed at arm contact. They were jaw-
Of course, it is falling, but it should be worn out. Don\'t mess around behind the glass.
Lane\'s work is estimated to cost from a few hundred to $1,500, probably less than his collection of paintings, furniture and items.
He may not mind.
Tudor said: \"His clothes must be worn by famous women, but they can be worn by any woman. \"Fake news? Divisive. Fake jewelry? Democratic —
In the best sense.
Long before the target quality
In the marketing style, Lane made accessibility facilities the cornerstone of his jewelry collection.
He\'s fake. he\'s real.
Today\'s statement jewelry trend goes back to Lane in a straight line, and Lane makes the costume jewelry into a bold, undisguised premium style.
\"Clothing jewelry is getting bolder and bigger,\" said Jim Wetzel.
Have Room 519 with partner Lance Lawson.
\"We are at a time when women want to be different.
With clothing and jewelry, you can get the original.
\"Wetzel style statement jewelry with simple, modern outfits and even T-
Shirt and cool coat.
He pointed out that getting your talent from the chin
Dropping a piece of clothing jewelry is a skill adopted by Audrey Hepburn and other \"Masters of the past --
And it will still give you a definite Telegram. handed style.
It\'s not hard to follow this thread, Wetzel said.
Remember: \"Don\'t ignore emotions.
If you\'re looking at something and you say \"I like that color\", buy it.
If you make it with neutral clothes, the color in the necklace will not be worn.
\"If you see brilliant blue and are attracted to it, you can put it on,\" Wetzel said . \".
\"Like that one, wear that one.
You don\'t need any more friends.
If you have a great pair of earrings then this is the one and you really don\'t need to go any further.
\"Watch out for your jewelry.
When you take it off at night, put it in a small sleeping bag.
Because you want it to stay in good shape.
This may not be Cartier\'s work, but it may be the one your grandmother wore to you when she went out to dinner with her husband on Saturday.
This is important.
\"Of course, one thing Ryan will never forget is that the fake is not necessarily Putin --on-Facebook is creepy
It\'s very interesting.
Wear it proudly. —
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