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customizable 3d printed jewelry

by:Merryshine     2019-11-05
This project is driven by the desire to combine plastic with other materials using 3D printing.
My partner, Christine Larsen (
Member of structures Kristinaliv)
I have been using felt for a variety of other projects, bright colors, matte finishes and unexpected materials side by side make it the only option for this piece.
For our first prototype, we made a closed tube and needle-
Make coarse yarn and insert it in a cage.
It\'s really time consuming and doesn\'t look as clear as we would like.
Our second version contains ready made polyester process felt and removable cap with twist
Flange, but the flange is not strong enough for repeated use.
The version we decided to use has a simple news
Install the cover and clean the finish using felt.
This hat is strong enough to withstand repeated use, so you can change the inlays for a variety of colors depending on your mood.
We think that the silver hardware adds an elegant touch and is a good opponent of plastic.
Advantages of 3D printing.
When you wear this dress, you will get a lot of compliments and questions about these mysterious materials!
Tube cage beads and caps printed in 3D (STL attached)
Several colors of process felt.
Only 1 \"x 1 3/4\" per piece, so you can use small pieces or shards. 8.
75 \"length of bead line (x2)
: I purchased 10 feet Beadalon 7 shares of pure silver bead line at the local artists and artisans art supply store for $20. 2.
5mm silver curly beads (x4)
Lobster claw buckle (x1)4mm jump ring (x4)
Lulerpencil marks feltScissorsTweezersTwo double spires pliersWire cutterI will not go into details about printing and cleaning 3D prints because you can read a lot of awesome instructions to introduce the process if you are new.
You can also order beads from websites like shapeway.
Pass one of the jewelry pins through a hole on the print so that the head of the pin is inside the part.
Fix the pin in place with tweezers (or gravity)
, Trim the pins using a wire cutting machine, so about 1/4 \"sticks out.
Two pairs of needles-
Nose pliers, bent down to make a loop.
Use a set of pliers to wrap the wire around the other set, as shown in the figure.
This is tricky, so you might want to practice on some spare pins before you actually do it.
Plastic is fragile and you should avoid putting pressure on it directly.
Once you have a loop, squeeze it at the bottom.
Go through a jump ring in your loop and close it with pliers.
Repeat at the other end.
Slide the curled beads to one end of a wire.
Bend the end of the wire into a small hook like a candy cane.
Pass the hook through a connected jump ring, slide the curled bead down, and fill the loose end of the line through the bead.
Make sure the ring is comfortable around the jump ring but not too tight, otherwise it won\'t move freely.
Crush the curled beads with pliers to capture the ring.
Trim the end of the wire carefully.
Repeat on the other side.
Now is a good time to check if your wire length is still the same!
If one is much longer than the other, trim it.
Using the same curl bead process as before, a jump ring is attached at the free end of a wire. Add a lobster-claw clasp (
Or other Buckle of your choice)
To the end of the other line, connect it to the wire ring using the last jump ring.
Cut a \"x 3/4\" rectangle from some beautiful colored felt.
Roll one into a tube and fill it to the opening end of the 3D print piece.
Pull the tube into the beads with tweezers and arrange the felt so that it looks smooth and the seams are not obvious.
You may have to poke it in order to make it look very neat.
Press the tail cap carefully.
By carefully prying the lid, you can open the tube and change the felt insert to a felt insert of different colors.
Match your necklace with your mood, clothing or seasonal changes. Enjoy!
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